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Our Year End Review~Amazing Moments and Amazing Pictures (Maybe I Should Say, Amazing Kids) ~ Part 2

Continued....(stomped on blogger's foot, he's awake)

September brought many beautiful changes to our family. Yet...some changes are like walking through fire....hard...refining.

On Sept. 4th we entrusted our daughter to the hands of a two surgeons, many doctors, and several nurses. As most know, she was born with a congenital leg deformity...Tibial Hemimelia. Her surgery consisted of double amputation through both knees. The goal was walking with prosthetics.

This is one of the most difficult things we have ever faced as a family.

Our girl though...our magnificent gift...shined like a beacon of inspiration and hope.
Post from Sept. 4th
"They told us to expect her to sleep off and on for the first 24 hours. What I did NOT expect was that she would sleep only a half and hour before now and I'd have to keep up with her...NO JOKE.

She has sat up for long periods of time, coloring, playing with her doll, Polly Pocket, and eating like a horse."

The very next day...

Jael wasn't our only celebration of the month, though it will be embedded in our memory as a beautiful testimony of God.

We had a very very Sweet 16 to celebrate. Our second oldest, Sarah, turned sixteen. We had a small party, inviting some of her friends over to hang out and watch movies..

I still can't believe she was this tiny once upon a time. Sarah is a very talented artist. She also is very focused on God. Her current goals lie in missions. She is ahead in school right now and a junior this year. She also (yup, I'm posting this on the blog) may be willing to marry either Legolas or Hawkeye (just the characters, not the actors). We joke saying, "A forty year old or a 2000 year old...great." She IS actually taking archery this coming semester as well. She is definitely her own!

My goofy daughter and her friend Hannah at the party. What a bunch of nuts....

Lexi (Sarah's Bestie) and Sarah...Lex is our honorary 16 year old (we claim her...poor girl) who just happened to turn 16 just two days after Sarah.

I also need to mention that this was also the month we stated a REALLY awesome teaching co-op.


As we swept into the end of the year, my brother celebrated his birthday (he lives SUPER close).

My brother is under there somewhere.

My oldest also celebrated a monumental birthday...his 18th.
After 16 hours of labor, our first born changed our lives forever.
He is a consummate musician and his guitar has become a part of him. This year he saved every dime and bought a beautiful guitar he calls "Rio". He is naturally talented and has been an honor to watch mature this year. As a senior in high school, his year has only begun.

But I have to put one of my absolute favorite pictures of mini Tom.

He's grown up a little though.


We celebrated his 18th at the park...having a giant Nerf war with friends.

As October passed, we also enjoyed our trip to the Pumpkin Patch.

Thomas and I even snuck in a night away (for my birthday) at an adoption conference!

The end of October though...brought some cheering, some dancing...and...


After nine months of talking about new legs, Jael WALKED!!!!



November brought my 41st birthday (but we will not speak of such things) and Thanksgiving. I am in shock as I search my computer and realize that we have not ONE Thanksgiving picture! Crazy people! (laughing)

November also brought another appointment to work with Jael as she learned what it is like to have legs (happy sigh).


December has been busy (as we have reached the last day).

We entered the month with a celebration of our Anna's 12th birthday.

She had a few friends over as well.

Our precious daughter is full of life. She is our explorer...adventurer. She's the first one I'll be able to convince to go skydiving with me for her 18th birthday ( She loves ALL things living and has the most she practically lives outside on her Rollerblades and skateboard.

And then of course you all know the stunning and amazing of this month was a blessing we didn't expect. On December 10th of this year we announced the adoption of our Jonathan.

There is no saddness at this year being gone, because he lies in our future.

As we celebrated our future with Jonathan, we (of course) spent lots of time celebrating Christ's birth...the reason for the blessings that surround us.

My mom and our kiddos! They love their Grandma!!!

Of course, God blessed us yet again with a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!!!

My husband showing me his goofy, awesome, so cute love by writing "I love Kat" on our van.

This was a year of HUGE things for our family. Many of the previous months were filled with prayer upon prayer.

Prayers for one little boy that we long to hold in our arms.

Prayerfully the coming year will be full of amazing blessings Jonathan

We know that our Heavenly Father has already given us much more than we deserve.

Even the blessing of some beasts of his creation.

May your (next) year be full of blessing, just as our past year has been.
"Now, our God, we give you thanks,
and praise your glorious name." 1 Chronicles 29:13

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  1. Amazing family :) I just realized once realized that we have the same make up as you once Rosie comes home 5 girls and 3 boys! Of course until Jonathan comes home!


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