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Our Year End Review~Amazing Moments and Amazing Pictures (Maybe I Should Say, Amazing Kids) ~ Part 1

Could it be that January 1st of this year we were in China, bringing home our Asian blessing?  THAT does not seem possible.  Yet when pulling up my January 1st post from last year, this had me giggling.

“Hmmm….as we sat down at a small park restaurant we found meals we had never contemplated before (fish intestines, etc.). They were quite creative and I’m impressed at how every part of a creature is used. Anna loved to watch people catching the HUGE live catfish. She didn’t realize they were the lobster dinner. Sorry, but again…funny.”
This has been a year of MANY changes.  Children growing, travel to China, surgeries, walking for the first time, and the beginning of the process to add Jonathan to our family.  It’s hard to know even where to begin. 
I know…
WARNING: Post  may be long, get comfortable.  We are in no way liable any body part falling asleep.
With a scared little girl our year began (very literally).  For me though, our year began on January 5th, 2012.  This was the day our family came together.... one little girl was introduced.... AND one mommy had ALL of her children hugging and kissing her.  My year began when we arrived home from China.
As we circled our wagons and absorbed and loved on a little girl from a hard place, life continued.

My mom celebrated her birthday around the corner (literally) from us.
In February we celebrated our Bekah.  THIS little girl, home from Ethiopia since 2007, turned six years old.  Unbelievable….
Bekah has entered the first grade and is striving to really read.  Her eyes that say joy, are just that.  She would dance all day if she could.  She has a runner’s stride and has LOVED taking Soccer and Basketball at our local teaching co-op.  Six years old, unbelievable….
As March came around we celebrated (okay, truthfully…we just wore green) St. Patrick’s Day.
The teens hit a Christian rock concert and came home with some really cool stories of praying with the lead singer of an awesome Christian band.
Our teens are hidden in the back.
In April we celebrated the resurrection of Christ.
Recognize the couch?  Ya, I'm not super creative.
My son also just might have stuck his finger into a lawnmower (sliced into the bone).  I’m not mean enough to post pictures (okay, maybe it's just because I couldn’t find any…sigh).
April also brought Jael’s first appointment at our local children’s hospital…the one that would end up having a huge impact on our lives (HUGE blessings).
As May dropped in, our teens received their driving permits (AHHHHHHHH!!!!) and we visited a local amusement park.
Yup, this is our gang plus a few....
*Random picture of triplets thrown in for cuteness factor.
Don't tell anyone...he's batman.
June…June is a special month for me.  In June Thomas turned 41 years old. It’s so important we couldn’t remember how he celebrated this year (head on desk).  I’m the “party person” too…even if I keep costs low (Why can I not remember?! I can remember what we did for him last year!  It was awesome...just sayin'. Oh ya....Sarah reminded me that he squeaked out THREE mini celebrations.  How in the world did he do that?!!! LOL).  He turned 41 this year and will ALWAYS be older than me (had to throw that in there).
Anna also broke her first bone (not the last).  This time it was a fracture in her hand.  Just don't ask about farm animals...
We celebrated July 4th ( (early) with some crazy friends (Bryan, Amber, and kids).
Hannah, Our Anna, and Farrah (the triple threat)

We also celebrated a very special fourth birthday with a little girl named Jael.  What an honor to have her in our arms for her first birthday with us!!!! 
Even a short six months has brought Jael SO far!
Celebrating at my mom's house! she not UNBELIEVABLE CUTE!!!!
This month also brought some huge medical plans for this very same little girl.  It started with another visit to the hospital.  She was able to see what her “new legs” would look like after her amputation surgery.  We were also able to talk to the doctors.
In July, the prank war reached an all time high (not for long), as we had a urinal deposited on our front lawn after I posted the following status on Facebook.
“Triplets were playing 'garage sale' today. All I need is a urinal in the front yard and my life is complete."
The Culprit
 (I won't say my husband was in our car putting things on his head and making faces too.  That would just be mean to rat him out.) 
August brought the birthdays of three of our precious blessings.
Max, having joined our family in 2003 from Russia, has come so very far.
Max is all boy and full of energy.  He turned ten this year and is in the fourth grade.  He LOVES cars and playing outside as often as possible.   He really came into his sense of humor this year (which is how we all roll…lol).
Soon after Max’s birthday the twins turned three.  Though they shared a party by choice, they had a little different taste in decorations (Transformers and Sesame Street).
We have been privilidged to watch the twins grow (home from Ethiopia since 2010).  They meshed into our family in 2010 and have been such precious blessings to watch go through some of their babyhood still. 
This was in Ethiopia.  Can you believe how much Rachel has changed?
Rachel is a three year old little mommy. She tends to boss just a tad (in a cute way…smile) and has a sweet cuddly side. 
Gabe (of course) is also three.  He’s a little Romeo and wraps everyone around his finger with his adorable smile.  He has a slight streak of stubbornness, but God will use that.  He also gives the BEST HUGS!!!!
As the surgery drew closer, August also brought another appointment for Jael at the hospital.  This time she was able to see the rooms she would be in, play with a doll with a prosthetic, and get the feel how things will be while she was hospitalized.  We were all growing a little nervous, though God's Hand was all over this.  Jael showed fear for the first time (after seeing the room).

As we ventured toward the end of August, Anna enjoyed (okay, maybe not so much) her second broken (actually fractured) bone of the year.  Beware of wrestling with you big sister over an Elmo Guitar...they're lethal.

To be continued.....(apparently blogger didn't get comfortable and his foot fell asleep)

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  1. This is an AWESOME post! I am amazed, and my heart is so OVER welmed with JOY for you & your family.


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