Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Can NOT Fathom...

I cannot fathom why we are so blessed.

I cannot fathom why we ever want to be comfortable, since history has shown "uncomfortable" brings such blessing.

I cannot fathom why we think we should understand the ways of God when His Ways are "the ocean" and we only understand only "a thimble full".

I cannot fathom how we say "no" to God and believe that God can't create in us something HE hasn't before.

I cannot fathom how we can judge that something is "too much to ask", when...for God...nothing is too much.  He has given us EVERYTHING.

News is coming friends...BIG NEWS...

You cannot fathom....

or maybe you can.


  1. Wow Kat! I JUST had an 'is comfortable even possible anymore and should that even be a goal at all?' talk with my Husband before church this morning as we sat in the car under an oak tree for a bit before going inside. We determined that once we learned of the abyss of needs in this world that comforting others overrode comfortable for good. May your sheltering love continue for a thousand generations. May God enable and empower you on every side and May Jesus light the path ahead of you wherever it's headed next. We anticipate your news with joy in that God is already for you! Let God be true and every man a liar. Gods mercy is new everyday.

  2. Well the right side kinda gives it away! LOL!! (((HUGS)))


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