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Finances and Our Adoption...The Need for Help

Since this blog was posted.  Our sweet Jonathan has passed away.   His condition was dire, but now he walks on the streets of gold.  Right now the pain is so fresh of losing our 9th child from this earth, that I can't change this blog post from what it is.  It is the beauty and pain of this journey.  We REJOICE Jonathan is with God.  There is no anger and such joy and peace.  It is painful though....very painful.  The story continues...we know that.  Jonathan, as my spiritual sister Michelle says, is now watching out for his brother or sister in Eastern Europe.  We now pray.  We pray for God's leading.  It's hard to see one week ahead, let alone farther.  Thank you.  Please pray for God's Hand during the pain...which by the way is for us, not for him.  He's where we all long to be.
"This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of Him." 1 John 5:14-15

*IF you have not read the post introducing Jonathan and the journey we are embarking on, please read "The Big News~Our Christmas Blessing"” before reading this post.  I also ask you, if you have a few moments, to read "An Old Post Made New, Ransom, and The Reason" as well.


In a very poor and rural area of Eastern Europe there is an adult mental institution.  There are no buses or trains that go there.  The bus will drop you off before you make it to the city and you will wait on the side of the road for the car you have called for to pick you up.

Arrangements have to be made for someone to share their house, there are no hotels.  There are no “extra rooms” in these houses. 

In the local adult mental institution, people may be in for a surprise.  They are very likely to find children.  Children with Down Syndrome, children that are paralyzed or have Cerebral Palsy….children with just about any special need may surprise a casual observer.

It’s a child that you don’t see that has broken our hearts into a million pieces (though all these children fill our hearts).  We have been told we are traveling into unknown territory.  We are traveling into a laying room.  No one has been adopted from this laying room…or seen it…only two from the institution have been adopted, yes…but not from the hidden places.  

Our Jonathan is there.  It is very serious and we need to gather funds and be ready as soon as we can.

No matter how many times we have been on this journey to financing an adoption (this is our fifth time for our six adopted blessings), it is never easy.  We’ve had to set aside so many things we’ve clung tenaciously to.  The biggest being pride.  Somewhere along the line we tried to convince ourselves that we should just be able to do it on our own.  God has shown us differently.

It’s not easy though.  It’s not easy falling in love with a child across the world and not knowing how you will be able to pay even the next fees associated with bringing them home.  It stretches and grows our faith, but after traveling this road four times previously, we know God will provide.  I cannot say there is no fear involved.  I would love to have the money just there and not have to wonder at all, but our GREAT AND GLORIOUS HEAVENLY FATHER has always provided.

We are beginning again though and satan likes to look for the chinks in our armor, trying to implant the seed of fear.  Most of the time is just doesn’t work, but occasionally our humanness…well, kicks us in the rear.

God has provided us with great resources that have allowed us to pay several fees necessary.  The money we have in savings right now HAS TO repair the roof which we HAVE to do (water leaking through the ceiling is not good).  We have money for daily life, but beyond that…we trust.

I wanted to write this blog post as a testimony to God’s provision and to sit down our pride and let others in our Christian family know what our needs are in bringing Jonathan home.  It may seem insurmountable at times, but if Our Heavenly Father leads, HE provides through amazing people and astounding ways.

We will be placing a link to this post on the side bar of our blog and updating it continually as we watch God carry us closer to Jonathan. 


As God provides, all funds donated will go toward our current adoption, medical needs, and necessities surrounding those medical needs. 

We are asking for prayer and seeking funds to bring Jonathan into our arms.  It hard to ask for help in some ways, but we know it will take a village to bring Jonathan home and God has and will provide that village. 

We know many have other very worthy financial commitments and understand. 

If God has impressed on you….there are two main ways to donate to our adoption fund.  We will need approximately (total not including payments already made on the below list, $1000 to be returned when traveling, and Jonathan's grant fund) $11,930.00.  I need to explain the two main ways and then will go on to explain what everything is for.  (PayPal have Paypal fees subtracted.  This accounts for slight difference in total left.  Also, we found the possibility of an increase of a fee and this accounts for the total needed increasing IF it does)

Update: The total listed above is updated to reflect each donation toward bringing Jonathan home!
#1~We have Jonathan's grant fund set up through Reece’s Rainbow (already subtracted from the total needed).  It is currently at $9232.00 (which is a WONDERFUL start).   Reece's Rainbow is now taking personal donations for our family.  The button is at the side of our blog.  This donation is also tax deductible.

#2 ~The second way is to donate through the “Donate” button at the side of the blog (or to mail a check to avoid the fees of PayPal).  This goes directly to an account we have set up for Jonathan.

#3~There is a third way to donate to our adoption if you need it.  Please contact us if you wish another avenue.

It is SO very cool to watch God provide.  After much thought, we thought you may want to join us.

Below are all the fees that are anticipated.  We’ve learned to try to only look at what is directly in front of us. 

Blue=Needs BEFORE travel (Current Immanent Need in 2-6 weeks is $2968.95 initially needed) (FUNDS RAISED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF PUBLISHING THIS POST!!!)
Purple=The rest of the fees will be in purple until they are paid.

Adoption Expenses

*Fees  $1,275 to RR for Commitment,  Voice of Hope Fund, and application fee (Commitment money, $1000, is received back when we travel)-(Self PAID)

*Home Study Fees $2025.00-(Self PAID)

*Passport Picture ($10) and Renewal plus Expediting. Unfortunately we realized that MY passport is due to expire early in 2013.  The passport number changes upon renewal and we need it now to prepare dossier documents  $280.-(PAID)

*Psychological Interview for Home Study (necessary hoops J)~total of $420.00~(PAID)

*Initial Fees to Facilitation Team-$545~ Including the Wire Fee~This will mostly be paid by the third donation of $466-(PAID)

*USCIS (Immigration) Fees $720 filing fee + $255.00 = $975 (or $1000 if paid with PayPal~PAID :))

*Marriage Certificates (three copies)~$73.95 We had two copies ready, but found they needed to be less than five months old at mailing. They are now six months old.   We are getting another copy to bring into country as we always do to insure there are no problems. (Added since initial post) (PAID)

*State Police Clearance $50 ($24.95 per person) (PAID)

*Various Postage $0 left of $200 ($23 USCIS shipping, $53 California Apostille Shipping- used so far, $126 dossier to Country)

*Apostille Fees $90 left of $450~Approximate (To be paid-includes gas for travel to apostilling and courier if necessary-$260 paid for Apostilles thus far)

*Travel to Europe $5000-$10,000 (TWO adults round trip (times two).  Two trips are required.  The tickets MAY be about $1250 per person.  Experience has shown us though that every estimated flight expense we have had in the last five years has been about double what we anticipated (for China AND Ethiopia).  Often this is because travel dates are not our choice, but assigned and are often in key travel seasons.  Example: Jael came home at Christmas and the total was $6,700 more than anticipated (EVERY CENT WORTH IT), as we traveled last minute and there were few seats left, AND it was peak season.  A loved one financially came to our rescue.  I remember sitting in the parking lot of the doctors (when I received the total) and crying….thinking, “How in the world are we going to get to our daughter?”  Knowing Jonathan’s likely condition, we HAVE to plan for everything and pray we are wrong.

*Facilitation Fees in Country $8,500 (Not including initial $500 paid)

*Travel in Country $500-$1000 (We believe this will be in the higher range due to Jonathan being in a very rural region)

*Child's Medical Appointment for Visa $110

*Child's Visa Application $230

*Child's Passport and Expedition Fees $600- $1000

*Living in Europe for 5 weeks $3500 (In two trips, we believe this MAY rise due to the area Jonathan is in, but do not know for sure.  We know travel there is higher.)

*Flight for child to America $800 (We may need a medical escort depending on Jonathan’s condition…if it’s what we expect, so this may be higher as well)

*Recommended Emergency Fund $1000 (possibly more if there are medical issues in country)

 Donations Received~LOOK AT GOD'S PROVISION!!!!
*$9232 In Jonathan's Grant fund~Will be issued with travel date
* $1000.00 Refund
1.) $100.00 (Received December 3rd) and used for passport (total of $171 for passport)
2.) $65.00 (Received December 19th) and used for passport  (total of $171 for passport)
3.) $466.00 (Received December 24th) and planned to be used for initial fee for facilitators in Eastern Europe (total of $500 due).
4.) $1000.00 (Received December 31st) and planned to be used for immigration (USCIS)
5.) $1000.00 (Received December 31st)
6.) $500.00 (Received January 5th)
7.) $500.00 (Received January 16th)
8.) $130.00 (Received January 24th)
9.) $40.00 (Received January 29th)
10.) $200.00 (Recieved 2/25/13)
11.) $200.00 (Recieved 2/27/13)
12.) $250.00 (Recieved 2/28/13)
13.) $75.00 (Received 3/1/13)
14.) $25.00 (Received 3/4/13 at agency)
15.) $200.00 (Recieved 3/5/13)
16.) $100 (Recieved 3/5/13 FSP)
17.) $25 (Received 3/7/13) 
18.) $1000 (Received 3/14/2013
19.) $350 (Received notice 3/12/2013)
20.) $300 to FSP (Received 3/12/2013)
21.) $100 (Received 3/12/2013)
22.) $64.40 to FSP (Received 3/17/13)
23.)$26.00 (Received 3/17/1)
24.) $150.00 (Received 3/19/13)
25.) $6.00 to FSP (Received 3/20/13)
26.) $105.00 to FSP (Received 3/20/13)

Though included in the above list, our accounts are listed below.
*$9232.00 In Jonathan's Grant fund~Will be issued with travel date
* $1000.00 Refund
*Family Sponsorship Page (Reece's Rainbow) that is specifically for our family's adoption: $805 in our Reece's Rainbow FSP.
*$3,213.00  Money in Jonathan's personal account that we set up for him  (included in above list) *$375 with our Adoption Agency (we will deposit in our account soon).

We still need to raise $11,930.00 to complete the adoption.  GOD IS SO VERY GOOD!!!! 

(Donations made by PayPal have Paypal fees subtracted. This accounts for slight difference in total left.  Also, we found the possibility of an increase of a fee and this accounts for the total needed increasing )

1.) Possible dossier approval around the beginning of April?
2.) Possible first trip around end May/beg. June (per request to postpone).  Already lining up family to stay with children.  My brother and my mother are AWESOME....
3.) Possible 2nd trip (just me and my brother) right around mid June/end June

Next IMMANENT Prayer Need
*Jonathan is sustained and prepared for us in a way that we can't imagine and cannot be explained by his life thus far.
*God's protection on all of us, Jonathan, our family, our children, and everyone involved in this journey.

To those who financially help in our journey to rescue our son or to those who cover us in prayer…thanks doesn’t begin to cover it. 

Thank you as well to those who will stand beside us in this fundraising journey and to those who share our need. 

Every prayer, every dollar….is appreciated.  Thank you.

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  1. I'm just throwing this out there.. Another child at his orphanage has a full grant :-) If you are approved to adopt two, you could bring them both home! The only thing to worry about is still your initial expenses, but travel and all other costs would be covered, and you could give Heath a home! :-)

    Also, the travel agency RR uses is really awesome. Flights home during peak season were $700/person.


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