Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

As we crawled out of bed this morning, it didn't occur to me that Thomas and I might have a touch of something.  By late morning, we knew we were sick.

We have been planning the next couple days for so long that really, there was very little to do except have everyone clean their areas and run the vacuum. 

Tradition has it that we head around the block to my mom's house on Christmas Eve, open ornaments and at least one present from out of state. 

Our Christmas present giving is very limited, but we receive many gifts given with much love from out of state.  Right now we are striving to bring home a beautiful little gift named Jonathan.  He's the gift I long for...painfully, right now.  I long to hold my son in my arms. 

Yet, today we are blessed to celebrate.  We celebrate a year of parenting a little Asian blessing named Jael.  Even more, we feel blessed to celebrate our Lord and Savior and celebrate Him.

The Littles~Tell me this isn't the cutest picture EVER!!!

The Middles~Man, I am one blessed mom!!!
No, I didn't forget the big kids (Tom/18 and Sarah/16), but they didn't particularly like the pic I took and I promised I wouldn't post it.

Daddy kickin' it with the littles....

Jael getting her very first ornament for Christmas.  She was a tad happy!

The Little Man....

Her Sweetness....

Anna and Sarah with their new ornaments.

Princess Bekah

Gabe opening his present from Uncle Ralph, Aunt Ruzanna, and Sofia.

Rachel is LOVIN' it!
Every Christmas Eve, after ornaments and dinner, we head out to look at lights.  THIS was my favorite!

May your focus be on the meaning behind this season and every season.

"Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord." Luke 2:11

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In the joy of following our Heavenly Father, we sometimes choose to proceed with a whisper, a verse, or a downright matter how we follow Him, the momentum that follows is like nothing we've ever experienced before.

Join the is a beautiful place to be. It's not always easy, but then the best things never are.

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