Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Catching Up~Part Two

So I thought I was done catching up.  I decided to go through my phone though and I stumbled across some more pictures that SHOULD HAVE been posted on a daily basis (if I hadn't gone through my posting drought).

 There are some pictures I forgot to post and some UBER cuteness.  The last picture, one of Jael, just FLOORED me.  It's so beautiful.

The kids sat in Bible Class just before Thanksgiving learning about Jesus' birth.  The teachers asked the (very full) class if anyone wanted to put the angel wings on.   In the silence, Gabriel's voice piped up.  Of course, being named after the angel Gabriel makes it somehow appropriate.

Ya, I know this may be a blackmail picture...BUT HE IS SO CUTE!!!!
After that Jael and Rachel volunteered.

In the last post I mentioned our Anna's birthday.  She's just looking so grown up lately.  I just looked at her (day I took this) and had to pull out my camera.  Just wow....
This picture is just reality.  Guess the names of our you can't...

Meet Brrreow, Merrrow, and the most normal named cat...Sienna (named after the van we found him in...on top of the transmission)
Now we pay tribute to other living things.  We moved a couch out of our house when my brother gave us his super mega couch.  We sat the old couch in the side yard until we could get a trailer.  The trailer came and we found this living in the couch.  Ya, Anna wanted to keep it.  I said no.
The next picture cracked us up.  Our brothers dog "Kit" (short for runs in the family) was driven out of her open kennel by Sienna (our bushy relaxed surfer kitty).  We are not laying much hope for her to make "guard dog" status.  Excuse the carpet (Kit is shedding)....
Here's our oldest sitting on a outdoor mall bench playing his guitar.  His guitar is an extension of him. 
Finally, we are coming to some pictures I somehow forgot to post!!! We went to the hospital for a quick check up and I canNOT believe I forgot to post these!   Now the below picture is cute...
But the next one is a perfect way to end the post.....OH.WOW....

Have a blessed night friends!!!

Prayer Requests:
*For our interviews with the psychologist, that it goes wonderfully and quickly.

*Jonathan to be sustained and for God's Hand to be on him

                                     *For everything to go without hiccup (if it be HIS Will)

*For our family and ALL those involved in this process to be protected from satan's darts/plans

*For the financial to come together and for funds to come in quickly. We are short what we need immanently and for the whole adoption. We KNOW God has this as HE has so many times before.

*For peace

"I will praise God’s name in song
and glorify him with thanksgiving." Psalm 69:30

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