Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Catching Up

I told you I'd be on here more (smile).

This week is SO busy and filled with fun Christmas adventures. I wanted to get caught up here though, so that I can sit down later and share what the "haps" are this week (instead of thinking about so much I haven't shared).

Yesterday, as you know, we had our home study.  We have a few remaining items to complete the home study. 
*We are waiting on both references to make it in (one was mailed today).
 *The psychological interviews with my husband and I AND separately four of our oldest children are coming up (one is on Thursday).
*We are waiting for our physicals in very early January.
* We are waiting for state clearances to come back.
*We need to gather shot records for all our animals and get updated any shots they need (state requirement).

It seems like it's always a hurry up and wait thing in adoption (smile).  We HOPE to have our home study completed by mid January.

Life continues to "bounce on" here at home too.

We recently celebrated our Anna's 12th birthday!  She was the little one who said the sounds of "I love you" as a itty bitty newborn.  When Anna was born she didn't cry (scared us!), but picked up her head and looked around.  When we asked the doctor what was wrong, he said that nothing was wrong.  She was born to explore this world. This is very indicative of Anna now.  She loves girlie things, but loves the outdoors even more.  If it's alive (minus roaches), she loves it.

For her birthday she invited a few of her favorite people over for just a casual time of watching movies and playing.   Of course (our unique girl) didn't want cake, but pecan pie.

 The flaming pie!
We kept it small, but the kids had such a fun time hanging out together!!!


Rollerblades from Grandma

I didn't get many pictures (been flaking out on pictures lately for some reason, smile), but it was so fun to see the kids enjoy each other!  Afterwards, some of her friends took her to see "Rise of the Guardians". 

Life seems to be going full speed ahead, but it's really been about birthdays, physicals for all eight kids, our Journey to Jonathan, and CHRISTmas. 

Since one of the next posts will show some of our Christmas activities, here are some of the miscellaneous shots I love from the past month.  There are many more that involved Christmas, but those will be coming soon!!!!

Max, who tend to be a blur in photos (barely there because he's constantly on the move...smile) posed with the twins at the doctor's office when we went for their physicals.  Actually, Jael is now a flash across the screen too.  She's often in motion.  Her actual face is in the next post, I promise (I made her stay still for a pic...lol).

Max was reading books with the twins reading over his shoulder (couldn't believe I got these pictures of Max SO close together).

One of our sweet older ones curled up on the couch with our "grandma kitty" Sadie.

My husband is on our exercise bike (exercising) and sat Gabe across from him.  I thought this was a sweet father and son picture.

I was sitting on the floor with my legs stretched out in front of me and the triplets all decided they wanted to sit on me.  They were all watching a Christmas movie we had to get this picture.
Now that is about it for catch up (I think). 
Soooo, IF you have a moment, please continue to pray for....
*For our interviews with the psychologist, that it goes wonderfully and quickly.

*Jonathan to be sustained and for God's Hand to be on him

*For everything to go without hiccup (if it be HIS Will)

*For our family and ALL those involved in this process to be protected from satan's darts/plans

*For the financial to come together and for funds to come in quickly. We are short what we need immanently and for the whole adoption. We KNOW God has this as HE has so many times before.

*For peace
"I will praise God’s name in song
and glorify him with thanksgiving." Psalm 69:30

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  1. Wow that home study is moving right along! And I sure hear ya on adoption being hurry up and wait! We're praying here!


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