Monday, December 31, 2012

Beyond Thanks

Friends, God is moving and working.  It is a wonder to watch Him provide through people who are filled with His love. 

We just received a donation to help bring Jonathan home that will cover ALL the immigration fees ($1000).  

My husband and I sit here shaking our heads.  I'm not saying names, since I'm not sure if they want me to.  We know...God knows...thank you friend...thank you for helping us bring our son home.

Though we have a ways to go and we thank all you who have shared our need, we are one step closer. 

What a way to end the year...remembering we are not alone in financing this adoption. 

To God be the glory....he's bringing Jonathan home.


  1. Happy, happy news on this New Year's Eve! I smile with tears in my eyes when i think of that little boy who will be, God willing, in a home in 2013. Miraculous!

  2. PRAISE GOD!! I am praying with all my heart that the money just pours in as you step out in obedience to rescue a little boy from a place of sorrow and pain.


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