Thursday, November 29, 2012

Heavy Hearted Though Our Life is BLESSED....

Right now, our life is so good, but my heart is so broken.

It's broken for Samuel who has become a "Lost Boy" and entered a mental institution in Eastern Europe.  He was separated from his sister (she went to an orphanage) after his parents were killed.  He entered it only because of the injury he sustained in the accident that took his parents (he is in a wheelchair).

My heart hurts for the family and friends of both Joey Keller and Rex Fleming.  These young boys were healed of their cancers and are in Heaven with Jesus.

My heart hurts for the Dobrovits family.  Their tiny son Henry, no longer an orphan, went into the arms of Jesus. 

I ache for my friends who are fighting the evils of drugs in their extended families. 

I have friends who are fighting lies created by their own children.

I have friends whose family members are facing cancer.

I have friends who have faced loss that at this point I cannot share.  They have suffered because of the sins of others.  Children in dark places have also suffered from these same sins.

I have friends who are trauma mamas in the midst of the holidays.  For some children from hard places holidays are not always easy and joyful.... but triggers of trauma and very painful.

I have loved ones who have lost jobs.

The list goes on and on.

I was telling my husband tonight that life is really good for us, and my heart is really hurting for others.  Almost EVERY.ONE.I.KNOW  has things that are VERY serious going on right now.

Yet, our life is good.  Our life is blessed.

Yes, there is BIG stuff...a BIG blessing that I long to share.  I will share.

I promise.

But for now I pray for the broken hearted.  I love you friends.  Know you are being covered in prayer and please do not hesitate to share with us.  It's an honor to cover you.


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