Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Too Many Pictures and a Giant Goat???

I've taken a few pictures lately.  I haven't forgotten to share about what's going on in our lives and hearts, but sometimes life is just "everyday" (NOT  

We are still waiting for an appointment to be lined up for us to check into the hospital for a week...a week where Jael will take her first steps.  Makes me do a mini moon walk just thinking of it! (Yup, that's a vision)

God's leading?  In time I think I'll share.  Maybe not now...but eventually.

Until then, we live "everyday" and enjoy windy days like today.

(Ok, so I enjoyed today, but have never really liked wind.  It's an acquired taste.) 

We enjoy not being sick (except for windy day allergies). 

We especially enjoy texts similar to those that were sent today.

"We were eaten by a giant goat." (Yes, that is normal for us)

Here's a little bit of our "everyday".  (Shaking head sadly)

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