Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Test Socket and Caffeine Drip

To put it mildly, our Heavenly Father has been speaking.  Sometimes with me it's like a surgery.  God is shifting things around, it's uncomfortable and there's no peace....until it all snaps together and blood starts flowing again.

Monday the blood started flowing again.  Peace from our Heavenly Father poured over me.  Many other things fell apart and peace was lost in other areas.  That's the way it should be though.  I'd rather have peace with God, than peace in any other part of my life.

The last three days have been rough and painful.  I honestly don't think I would be sitting down sharing today if it weren't for a beautiful little girl that was fitted with her "test socket" today.  I can't ignore God's amazing blessing and I cannot cease to share it.

I have never seen the hospital as crowded as it was today.  Usually we are able to park close.  Today we parked out in the boonies (thus walking by the park to go to the hospital).

We barely made it on time.  (Nose growing)

Really, we were about five minutes late....for us that's on time.  (Nose getting smaller)

We were shown to the biggest room in prosthetics. 
 It's such a blessing getting to work with medical personel that have a huge heart for kids and just happen to love God too. (Shout out to Stuart!)

They had the test sockets ready.  Basically, they are clear sockets....the part of the prosthesis that fits around her legs.  They glue (?) a flat cork to the bottom so she can stand and they can see not only how they fit, but where any uncomfortable spots may be.
First he had her stand in them just to see how they fit (without the belt holding them on).
Then he fit the belt over them to see how her hip and posture would be when she walked.
I LOVE the above picture!!!!
She was so brave and it was super cool to watch her balance.  She actually (can't believe I forgot to mention it) started walking on her sweet little legs last night (without holding onto anything).  We looked up and she was walking across the room yelling, "Mommy! Look!"
She will learn to walk with prosthetics in the next few weeks.  We don't have dates yet.  They have to check what is available.  We actually get a room for a week and stay all day, but don't stay at night.

The appointment went wonderfully.  We were even were able to see our favorite nurse, Courtney.  Rachel was ready to stay and hang out with her while we checked in with another office.  That tells you how awesome she is!


So that was a brief part of our day in review.  If I wrote out everything, you would need to go pick up a caffeine IV and hook yourself up.  It'd take awhile.

For now, I'm not even sure what to pray for. 

Of course, always pray for our little princess (PLEASE). 

I'm thinking that maybe, if you feel led, pray for satan's hands to be tied....for him to be made ineffectual in our lives.  It's tiresome and irksome. 

Kicking the master of lies to the curb and relying on God.

May your night be blessed friends.

"This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength." Nehemiah 8:10b


  1. You guys are just wonderful! I appreciate all of your love! Seeing Jael smile today brought so much joy to my heart, she is such a beautiful blessing. I'm continuously praying for your family and I pray that all goes well through out the rest of your journey. You guys are a wonderful blessing to me and I thank God for bringing each and every one of you into my life.

    Courtney : )

  2. May God's Mercy Prevail. May The Refuge of His Arms Encircle You. May our God of all Comfort heal Your wounds and invigorate you for what is ahead!!! May Jesus come quickly! Hugs and Love!!

  3. "Mommy, Look!" Oh, that just grabbed ahold of my heart and squeezed! To think of how far the Lord has brought you as her family in such a short time!!!! I'm resting in what HE HAS DONE to find strength and courage for you in what comes next. (hugs) to you and prayers for you and yours, Kat!


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