Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One of "THOSE" Days and the Big Fish

The last couple days, even with illness, I thought how fluidly our family works together. Teens step forward, necessities get addressed and though there are more to care for, what needs to get done eventually does get done (even if it's not as fast as I sometimes like, smile). It's not perfect...we're not perfect, but I'm impressed watching my kids.

I was told a long time ago by a friend that when their teens turned 14 they didn't really like them again until their early twenties. They loved them, but didn't like them that much. I ALWAYS love my teens, but what's even cooler...I usually like them too.

I can't pretend there are not times when I wonder if I heard right when I hear, after a gentle (or not so...ya, I'm human) reminder, "I got this mom." ( Famous last words....)

There are times that I have looked at a child and thought, "I love you, but I DO NOT like you right now."

I know my mom did, probably WAY more than me. I was occasionally known to be a handful. My friends from high school are now dying laughing.

I say these things because I am blessed. I also say this because today, though it did not start out that way, ended up being "one of THOSE days".

The above was a little bit of a prelude to quantify what I'm writing below (now I'm laughing).

We woke up feeling much better than yesterday. I don't feel fantastic, but we all feel much better.

It had taken us so long to get the youngest six into the dentist at the same time, that (as long as we weren't contagious) I was going to keep our appointment today.

It went amazingly smooth...really...no joke. It was totally a blessing.

I had prayed hard last night for peace. I'm feeling a little like Jonah right now, but that's another story (that my husband just HAPPENED to talk about in our devotional tonight).

Though Jael had been to the dentist before, this was the twins first time.

They watched Anna, Max, and Bekah with curiosity, but NO fear....

Jael is afraid of almost nothing.

The twins just looked terrified, didn't they? NOT.

It all went smoothly. Sarah was a wonderful help and Anna pitched in where needed as well. This morning before I left the house I wondered what I was thinking making an appointment for all six at the same time....now I don't.

On the way home we swung by Ross so Sarah could buy (love birthday money! :)) a dress she needed for Saturday. That in itself is always funny. She looked good in every dress she tried on. She didn't even want to wander into the teens section. Anna (11) said it best when she said, "Mommy! Look at that pretty shirt!" (it was a dress).

Sarah is a bargain hunter...a $50 dress is insane in her eyes. Girls will look at her and say, "I got this for only $125!!!" and then go on to tell Sarah that her dress is beautiful. She looks at them, grins, and says, "$13.00...Ross". I love this girl!

On the way out, out of the corner of my eye, I could see someone counting our children. With Sarah at the cash register, she only counted to six. Normally this is humorous. I just feel so blessed and love to share exactly that. This lady wasn't looking friendly though. She made it obvious that (though not said to me, but where I could overhear) she disapproved of this many children. I almost needed duct tape at that point. I SO badly wanted to smile and say in response to her LOUD whispers. "Oh, I have two more at home." Still, didn't phase me...no biggy....

Side note: Some have "issues" with large families. Strangely, 99% of adults I've talked to (I always ask) that are children from a large family LOVED IT. When people judge, part of me wants to ask how many children they have and then which one of them would they have given away if someone deemed their family too big. A little snarky and I wouldn't, but the urge is occasionally there.

Once on our way home, the day started to unravel. I think every parent has those days where they think there should be a license to parent and they shouldn't have been given one. Ya, one of THOSE days.

One child popped another's balloon because they were tired of it hitting them in the face. They did not tell the truth immediately. I really did COMPLETELY understand after having been pummeled by balloon at inopportune moments. I explained that the consequences would have been minimal if they had told the truth immediately and non existent if they had told me the balloon was bothering them BEFORE they popped it. (I may not have said it as eloquently.)

A different child broke another child's toy from the dentist purposely (trying to take it apart...just because) and had to give up their toy to the said child.

I discovered a child cut their hair, not to the root or super noticeable, but cut....and lied about it initially. (This might have just unraveled me a little.)

Another child did not do as asked and fibbed saying they did.

One child forgot everything they knew today in home school.

Did I mention the presidential debate is on tonight. Ya, not gonna watch it. I don't need any more lying today. (That was snarky, wasn't it? Urg...)

Though lying happens occasionally here, it really is just an occasional thing. This was NOT fun. You see, I didn't handle it the way I should. Lying and not taking responsibility for ones actions are big to me. Again, lets just leave it at the fact that I DID NOT handle it right. Sigh...

It's discouraging...draining...down right depressing.

Our Heavenly Father is in control and satan will not win though.

The master of lies has been working on me for the last few weeks.

I've been hearing...
"Your not good enough"
"Why would God talk to you?"
"More kids, you're crazy!"

Sometimes it's easier buying into that junk that remembering it's not about what I can do, it's about what GOD can. The evil one makes it about us, so we forget who it's really about.

Everything we do, we do for GOD. It's not about us. We're human, we WILL FAIL.  God doesn't... and He doesn't go away because we blow it ROYALLY.

It's not about how much we fall short or if we're good enough. It's about God.

When we turn in, we stop turning up. That's what satan likes.

So tonight I'm "turning up", remembering it's about God, and hoping a big fish doesn't swallow me.


  1. Musta been something in the air. I got a couple frantic texts yesterday from a dear friend whose little boy was lying and she freaked. I may have to send her a link to your post. :) I sure don't enjoy THOSE days!

  2. This post spoke almost directly to things I was discussing with my husband this morning. In tears I was confessing my failures and knew I was turning my gaze inward instead of up. Thanks for your post. I have read it in my "down min." today and am encouraged to look up instead. Thanks. ~~Brandy


In the joy of following our Heavenly Father, we sometimes choose to proceed with a whisper, a verse, or a downright shove...no matter how we follow Him, the momentum that follows is like nothing we've ever experienced before.

Join the momentum...it is a beautiful place to be. It's not always easy, but then the best things never are.

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