Sunday, October 28, 2012

My ONLY Political Post

I am that person on Facebook that writes on my status "Random political raving inciting attacks".

I am the person that doesn't watch the debates, because...well, they make me mad. I then end up in a horrible mood and my family doesn't deserve that.

I am a person that listens, researches, and doesn't get into political debates in public arenas.

I cringe at the name calling I hear (not just between the candidates, but individuals I know and love).

I know what I believe and I am willing to share it...face to face. I am not judging others who do differently, but that's just who I am.

So what in the world am I doing here?

Feeling slightly nauseous, that's what.

This post is not about Republican verses Democrat. It is not about skin color or health insurance. It is about one thing, and one thing only.

Yet I need to clarify some things before I really get started.

I have heard, too many times, that our relationship with God has nothing to do with politics.


Ya, I have to say it.

Horse Hooey.

I've written about this before and ask that you please read the previous post BEFORE reading any further.

"Compartmentalizing Our Faith"

God cannot be cut and sectioned out of our lives when and IF HE IS EVERYTHING TO US.

I've also seen a theology being put forward that makes me increasingly uncomfortable. As I've been reading I and II Kings lately, I finally figured out what it was.

I have noticed a somewhat pervasive train of thought being put forth. A train of thought that says that it is MORE important for us to be concerned about offending man (and thus pushing them away from knowing God), than OFFENDING GOD.

Somehow we seem to have decided, as God is amazingly merciful, kind and loving, that God in the Old Testament was just done away with.

The Bible contains the Word of God, NOT the Word that used to be God and the Word of God. The whole Bible gives us a picture of God.

I ,for one, love and adore, fear and tremble, and passionately want to follow my GOD. I know many of you well enough that often you trump me in understanding our Father....often you challenge me (in a good way).

Looking at the whole picture shows us that there are things that OFFEND our GOD. WE should be offended where God is offended. This does NOT take away mercy or love. It shows relationship.

Our relationship with God is more important than ANY relationship with man.

We are made in God's image. God walks WITH us. You offend my CREATOR and I will be offended. I will love you, not even an inkling as much as God does (because HIS Love is so GREAT), but I will be offended.

This, again, is not about a political party. This is NOT about a platform to run on. It is about one thing that trumps all other. This is about my GOD.

Four years ago we ("we" is generalized) elected Barack Obama. The American people chose to elect a man that said that Christ is not the only way to God.

I feel the nausea returning.

We said that, though GOD loved us so much and went through excruciating agony in HIS perfection, He really didn't do what He intended...saving us. It really wasn't needed.

I feel the Heavens roar....

We chose to place aside our integrity, our SALVATION (putting on a mental backburner) and saying that our relationship with God should not be part of politics.

I don't know (tears filling my eyes) what could be more offensive to my Lord and Savior. I don't know (shaking my head).

I will not post again about politics. I don't care about political slant or party. I don't care about platforms. I care ABOUT MY LORD AND HIM ONLY. I will NOT debate other beliefs I feel strongly about, because it's THIS...THIS that makes every other argument crumble to dust.



  1. I love Horse Hoey- that has to be my newest favorite saying!!!!

    TOTALLY AGREE!!! I think it is a copout!!!!!

  2. Outstanding post. I'm so tired, so very tired, of it all. sigh Looking forward to heaven!!


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