Monday, October 29, 2012


I got a call this morning...during a time I normally wouldn't answer.  I was aiding in a class (substituting for a friend). 

The triplets and I were in the "Duct Tape Creations" class coloring and the phone rang. 

(Clarification...they were

It was Stuart, our Prosthetist, at the hospital.  They've been short handed and had trouble arranging the right time for us to come in for Lil' Miss to learn to walk.  They asked if we could come in tomorrow...TOMORROW. 

I knew upon saying "yes" there was something I was forgetting (my plan to early vote tomorrow morning).  Ya, that still wouldn't have stopped me from saying yes.  I can "tweak" my voting plans.

It could not have come at a better time. a little one noticed Jael's difference....and called others over to see the difference too.  Sarah was with her at the time and handled it beautifully.  Sarah was one of a few doing the supervising.

I'm sure if any of the group's parents had been around, they would have took their little ones aside.  Small children, without thought, can see differences and be cruel...not intending to for a moment.

Jael played it off until we got home and then the dam broke.  She said it was a headache and stomach ache.  I could see it was more of a heartache.  We snuggled and talked about it, but my mommy's heart broke right along with her.  Today I am praying for words that are a balm to her little heart.  Thankfully God has our little girl.

Jael is resilient.  She has recovered already.  She will become stronger through this.

So putting today aside.....




  1. sweet sweet girl!!!! Praying for her sweet little heart!

  2. A few days ago we were at the beach. Gates was wearing his shirt to hide the jagged scars and mostly the absence of a belly button, because one day while He was laughing and carefree someone out there stared and pointed and shouted to others. But that was a while ago and He was collecting shells and enjoying a relaxed Sunset. Gates came to me with a very shiny and somewhat busted up whelk. It was worn and soft by the abrasive sand. He held it out proudly and said,"It's not perfect but it's more beautiful." As he placed it into my hand Gates shrugged his tiny shoulders and said,"Well, it's kinda perfect." (tears)


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