Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Homecoming, Sick, Sick, Sick, and a Call to the Hospital

Saturday was homecoming for my teens.  (We home school, but we are part of a much larger organization of homeschoolers that have HUGE events.)

Rewind: On Friday Sarah and I sat down and made her jewelry.  I love the relaxing time we spend with our kids.  (This said as one child is on time out, and the triplets are picking on each other)

Sarah's necklace says, "Have you seen my prince charming?"  She went to homecoming with her best friend. She has plans to not even CONSIDER dating until she's 17.

Saturday was a busy day for us.  We had to get chores done first.  Even one day of everyone not picking up their areas leaves our house protesting.  When finally done, we started the beginning of homecoming prep. Curling my daughters VERY straight and thick hair takes a LONG time.  We ROCKED it though!!!

Lexi and Sarah are beautiful together.  Best friends...just awesome! Sarah had a gorgeous red/orange/silver Ethiopian scarf she wore all night that for some reason I didn't get in the picture!

Ya, this is their true personalities.

 I left the house at 3:40 to get the girls to the park where they would take pictures and go with our home school co-op to homecoming. 

While I was gone, my husband took our son to pick up Hannah (his friend and date) about 50 minutes away.  They enjoyed spending time at Hannah's sisters 16th birthday and getting to know her family (for about an hour) before heading to the dance.

His jacket was around her shoulders.  He's very much a gentleman.  This was the only pic I have permission to share (smile).

About 7:30 that night my husband and I were finally able to be in the same room again.   What did we do? Veg...zone...goof...

....and get sick...sigh.

When 10:30pm rolled around I looked up at my husband and grumbled, "Honey, I don't feel very good.  My throat has started to hurt and my head is aching."  Within the hour I was miserable and running a fever (I hardly EVER run fevers) as my husband picked up our son and Hannah and took her home. 

Thankfully Sarah and Lexi would be picked up by Lexi's dad (thank you, thank you, thank you Bryan).

Sunday and Monday I spent in bed. 

Today I'm back...sort of...

I'm homeschooling all achy with a headache.

It's no fun having to work while you are recovering.  It's blessed wonderful work, but it is work.

I want to be motivated SO badly, but somehow it's just not happening.  So I rest...

and teach...

and blog...

and pray...

and put little ones down for a nap...

and read 1 Kings....

and return two emails...

and generally have a lazy day.

I did call down to the hospital today though.  We are waiting for a date for Jael and I to head to the hospital again and for her to take her first steps.  Prayerfully I'll get a call back tomorrow and possible dates.

Until then I'll rest until my body gives me the green light. 

Beware though, all this time down has me ruminating on a couple fairly intense posts.  At this point I'm not exactly sure how to go about it with wisdom, discernment, and compassion...so I think...and think...

Be scared...be very scared...

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  1. Homecoming=fun!
    You being sick--DISLIKE!! (Mamas don't have TIME to be sick!)

    Looking forward to reading the posts. I'm not deep lately. I'm just focused on getting through each homeschooling day, potty training, keeping up with the house and extracurricular activities. That's it--no brain cells left for depth. Think I'll steal some of your depth! ;)


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