Saturday, October 27, 2012

God Filled, Bloggy Friend Weekend...Full of Tears and Chills

It's been a long time...too long. 

Thomas and I ran away recently.....JUST US (ordered by our thoughtful daughter Sarah).  I know, pick your jaws up off the floor.  

We checked into a Holiday Inn at about 8am on a Friday.  They had enough empty rooms that they let us check in WAY early. 

We then drove to a nearby Church. A ministry at this Church was a reason we decided to make OUR WEEKEND, this particular weekend. 

We headed out to an attachment seminar and adoption conference.

Let me tell you friends, amazing stuff.

I'd seen our speaker's book, but thought nothing of it.  After all, what could it have to do with adoption?  Well, just about everything the foundation of attachment is based EVERYTHING. 

Little did we know that the man walking feet from us saying, "Testing...testing...testing" was the author (hanging head and maybe chuckling a little bit).  Of course, me and my big mouth popped off with, "It's almost like you're a child!" 

Ya, that's me....

He chuckled and made a joke,  because (though I expected seriousness) this guy was FUNNY.

His name is Dr. Curt Thompson and he was the speaker at our attachment seminar.  The book below, "Anatomy of the Soul", just happens to have his name on it...

....and the depth of his love for our Savior is woven through EVERYTHING.

I cannot do all the concepts he shared justice.  If I even tried, I would risk messing it up.   This stuff is too important to do that.   That's why in the next week I will be giving away a copy of his book.

Though my husband and I joked around with many and were able to sit with some friends we saw (shout out to Tricia and Jay!), I only introduced myself to one person this entire first day. 

GOD Orchestrating #1:  This sweet sister, Dana, works in POST adoption support.  She has a much needed job, supporting families trying to transition after their children are home.  Once we started talking, I found out some things (AMAZINGLY cool). 

One of her closest friends is Carrington's mom, Shelley.

Shelley had no way for me to contact her (posted on her blog), so consequently I had no way to talk to her about some questions I had (with all the "trolling" going on in the blogisphere, that is often necessary).  Guess who is blessed with her email now? She is also friends with Katie's mom (whose emails have been a balm to me of late). 

By the end of the conversation, I had those chills I only get when the Holy Spirit is all over something. 

As we went back to the Attachment Seminar, we listened to Dr. Thompson cracking jokes and LOVING the laughter at a table near us.  He teased and joked with them several times (they were the FUN table! lol).  Little did I know one of those woman at that table would bring another God moment the next day.

After the seminar, Thomas and I enjoyed some time with just us (of which we will not speak of...wink).

The next morning we had another amazing moment (GOD Orchestration #2).  It left my husband and I laughing with tears and stunned looks.  This story will need to wait though.  It is based on a story that is extensive and we're not quite at the point of sharing.  Our Heavenly Father just constantly blows me out of the water.

Once we arrived and picked up our welcome packet, we stopped to chat with those at the "laughing table" from the night before.  I think Jodi (of the group) is one of those people that most are naturally drawn to.  Ya, she's THAT cool.  (Her friends were SUPER sweet too.)

We started chatting and OF COURSE got around to talking about our children.  When I shared about Jael's recent surgery, she said, "WAIT! Are you Kat?  I follow your blog! I'm 'Heads Up Seven Up!'"

Blog friends, this world is small.  My jaw dropped as pictures of each and every one of her children ran through my head.  It was another moment that HAD to be orchestrated by GOD alone. 

Jodi, it was SUCH a blessing meeting you, unbelievable...that the most obnoxious of those at the attachment seminar (including myself in that) could be bloggy friends that had never met (ROTFL).  WHAT A TRIP!

Even the classes we attended (Stuck, Meltdown, etc.) opened our eyes and gave us tools.  Though we ordered CD's of our classes (and one called "Anxiety), I'm not sure if they will be offered online or not.  I will let everyone know if they are and recommend the ones that opened our eyes.  Just ignore the obnoxious people in the audience, it's not me or Thomas...really (or Jodi...hee hee) .

The weekend was blessed.  There is no other way to say it. 

I was exhausted.  I was tired.  My mind was full to the point of numbness.  I found myself praying  that I could retain these things until the DVD's arrive (end of December).  This stuff is too important and so much of it revolves around how the brain works. Which in itself is funny, since my mind was what was melting after so much information. `

Never in a million years would I have thought the weekend would have ended up as growing and intense as it did.  It wasn't just GOD orchestrated moments....GOD orchestrated the whole thing.

"I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness
and will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High." Psalm 7:17


  1. Peaceful sigh.

    Oh, isn't HE so, so good?! I'm so thankful for you to have had this great weekend with the Lord, with your hubby, and with uplifting friends.

  2. Hey! I could have given you Shelly's email! LOL!!
    WOW!! Sounds AMAZING!! Can't wait to hear more!!

  3. Haha!!!!! Love you Sista! I am so very thankful that God brought us together last weekend! It was an amazing conference and so thankful I was finally able to meet y'all! - and hey, anyone who buys Dr. Curts CD from the weekend ... I couldn't curl the back of my hair because of my recent neck surgery! - sorry it's a mess. :) hee! hee! next time we'll have to sit with Kat and Thomas :) <3 Praying for y'all Kat!!! :)


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