Monday, October 15, 2012

Fill in the Blanks (A Birthday and __ __ __ __)

My Monday not turning out exactly as planned, I'm a little bored.  (How is that even possible???)

I apologize ahead of time, but what's a girl to do?

At the end of this week there were several not feeling great (including yours truly), so when we dropped off the teens at their ROCKIN' World Views class, we stopped at Happy Hour (yes, we were feeling THAT bad...wink) at __ __ __ __ __. (Come on, you guys can get it! See what boredom does?)
Half price slushes hit the spot.

With a bunch of us not feeling great, I bet you'll never guess where two of our kids ended up next?

Yup, you guessed it, the __ __ __ __ __ __'__ office (too easy).  Actually the local ER clinic since it's closer and those guys crack us up.  We have a thing for  groaner humor...can't help it.

We were a little concerned with Tom's 18th birthday party just around the corner. We were told that since it was at least 24 hours away and they immediately started antibiotics, the girls would no longer be contagious.  If they felt better, they could go to Tom's party.   Silly mommy....

Did I mention they tested positive for __ __ __ __ __?  (Think about three weeks ago.)

So, though not feeling too hot, I left the kids in the car with the teens and ran into the store to stock up on snacks and drinks for Tom's 18th birthday party at the park.  Everyone felt decent and it was a go.  We all wanted to celebrate Tom. 

He is an amazing gift.  He's grown a lot in the last year, realizing how much God has blessed him. He's gifted with a huge heart, musical talent, and a goofy sense of humor.  Did I mention he's ADORABLE with his younger siblings?!!!

Jael, Tom, and talented Hannah

Happy 18th may be your last....
 Abigail, Hannah C., Andrew, Lexi, Sarah holding Jael, Nathan C., Nathan P., Josh, Scott, Warner, Marly, Anna, Bekah, Hannah P. behind Max, and in the front Tom and Gabe (Rachel is in there somewhere and a couple of friends came later)

Little brother making a great shield...

Oops...someone may have just started shooting at the teens from behind me (STEVE/BRO)

They MIGHT have all been chasing Tom...maybe.

Notice Tom is missing.  His sister and Abigail took him out.

Whats a birthday without a mud puddle?!  Poor Bekah, she wasn't hurt and was laughing so mommy made her pose.

Just thought this one was pretty of  our Anna.

Jael and Gabe thought we weren't looking...

(Hanging head in shame) Yes, Jael did figure out how to shoot a Nerf gun. 

Let them eat cake!  It was so windy we didn't even get all the candles lit!

My son and his guitar are seldom parted.

I think he was planning to beat someone and Max was explaining how.
Little Rach

Can you believe they said THAT?!!!!

Ok, this one cracked me up.  Thanks Scott and Marly!

No, they are not square dancing (lol).  They are playing Elbow Tag.

Elbow Tag continues...

Not sure what they are doing. Thought maybe I should worry.

Saturday night (after the party) the vomiting, headaches, and stomach pain started (sigh...silly __ __ __ __ __).

Sunday, after Thomas and I getting up repeatedly the night before, I slept until 11:00am...NO JOKE.  My husband didn't wake me up (I LOVE HIM) and just let me crash. 

Today we are still home.  Anna is still flushed, Sarah's now coughing, and I have a Strep headache (please say it's not true!).

So I'm bored and blicky.  I NEED to fold clothes.  I NEED to go to the store.  Instead I play fill in the __ __ __ __ __.  Sadly, I'm easily entertained.


  1. Oh girl, I don't understand how you can be funny and sick at the same time!! Looks like a great birthday party in spite of the yucks!


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