Thursday, October 4, 2012

Earth, Bathtubs, Pirates, and Prosthetics

1. I did not drop off the face of the earth.  The world is round, so that's really hard to do.  I know this.  I teach home school.
2. We are not hiding.  The kids have now discovered I hide in my bathtub and my "safe place" has been compromised.
3. I have not been taken captive, though I did offer some pirates some money to hide me somewhere other than the bathtub.

In all actuality the "I'msobusyIcan'tbreathefairy" has visited.  She's a pain.  We're not doing anything uniquely different this week, but for some reason we are stuck in the sludge left by that particular fairy. 

We've played with our year old Great Pyrenees/Blood Hound mix.

We've played doctor.
We've even had our very first "FULL ON, scream at mommy, mad because I didn't get my way" meltdown....brought on by the "tireds".

Of course, we've home schooled.  Bekah is reading up a storm.  This is big because things weren't clicking by the end of last year, but after a summer of "brain rest" Bekah is impressing her mommy.

Our second oldest, Sarah, even turned 16 on us (no matter how much I threatened) and had friends over for Little Caesars, cake, and a movie.  Sarah is a blessing in ways I can't even begin to express.  Her heart for God fills me with such joy.

Guess which movie?
We had 6 adults, 11 teens, and 8 eleven years old and younger.

Like you didn't know the triplet picture was coming?!
Hannah, Farrah, and Our Anna
Our Sarah doing her squirrel impression.  Obviously her friend Hannah is very impressed.
Too cool for
Melissa, Sarah, and Madeline
Sarah after we gave her the FUNNIEST card EVER. 
Opening Presents...and goofing with brother.
When the twins were supposed to be sleeping.
They did not crash until midnight and yes, we still made it to Church.  Let me tell you, I would have dragged half asleep children hours away if I had to.  We could FINALLY go to Church again as a family!!!
So much for going to sleep in mommy and daddy's bed.  What happens with the lights off....

We made it to our teaching co-op for the first time. Did I mention Jael was released to travel wherever?!

We've even been enjoying watching Jael balance on her legs.  She has even taken a couple of steps on her own.  Her fear of pain is really going away.  The pictures are a little blurry, but I had to share....

I may have even taken a few pictures...maybe....

Finally, because I know everyone is really reading this to hear about our miracle girl (smile)...Jael has an appointment next week to try on her "test socket" for her prosthetics.  If the fit is good, she will take her first steps in 2-3 weeks.  WOO HOO!!!!!

Though busy, God has been so good to our family.  He has blessed us in ways that are beyond comprehension.  We have been feeling Him working as we petition for direction.  Please join us in the prayer requests below for both ourselves and for others (listed daily on our "Prayer Requests" tab at the top of the page).  Also, please let us know if there is a way we can pray for you.

Our Personal Prayer Requests

*For Jael (our four year old) and her recovery from bilateral amputation surgery at the knees....for total healing and that she takes off running when the time for her prosthesis comes.

*Please pray for a situation heavy on my husband and I's hearts (we can't share at this point), as we pray for guidance and discernment. Please pray for clarity and that God's will is obvious.
*Please pray for the strongholds of satan to be shattered in our lives; that we have strength, motivation, self-control, peace, and clarity to overcome.
*For my husband’s professional life…that he may bring glory to God.

*For a hedge of protection (not shrubbery, HUGE cement walls) to be placed around some decisions we are making. satan does not want us to go this direction. Also, please pray that we are protected from satan’s attacks.

*Please pray for wellness, peace for our family, and for hope to reign.

Prayers for Our Brothers and Sisters

Please forgive us if your prayer request is not listed. We may not be sure if you wish us to share it. Please shoot us an email and let us know!

*Please pray for Selah, whose stroller (with her brother) rolled into the Erie Canal. Her brother is completely recovered and no longer in the hospital, but Selah (they are currently saying) doesn't have activity above the brain stem. Please join us in storming Heaven for a miracle (8/17/12). Please also pray for peace that passes understanding for her family. (Update: Selah has started showing when she doesn't like things.  This is an "above the brain stem" function.  PLEASE continue to pray!!!! 10-04-12)

*Please pray for Amelia (previously Liliana) who is home fighting for her life. She has suffered from severe neglect and is 12 years old and was only 12 lbs. She is doing well, but needs continued prayers.

*Please pray for Sasha. He is eight years old, tiny, and been transferred to an institution in Eastern Europe where he has become one of the "Lost Boys".  Please pray for a family to step forward for both of these blessings.

*Please pray for Tommy, a 15 year old in Eastern Europe. He is very special needs and his family is trying to get to him. Please pray that God sustains him and prepares his heart as his family fights to free him from the "prison" he has lived in for so long.

*Please pray for Eden, a little blessing from Ethiopia, who has a life threatening disorder.

*Please pray for Rex, a night year old, who is fighting a brain tumor. The tumor has grown toward his brain stem and they have joined a clinical trial that is his last chance at survival (barring God's amazing miracles).

*Please continue to pray for Daniel, Ruby, Wes, Jeremiah, Selah, and especially little Katie and Carrington. These little ones came into their families with health difficulties. A few were caused by severe situations of neglect or malnourishment (or both).

*Please pray for our friends the “K” family who is struggling with attachment and other situations.
*Please pray for Joey, and eight year old, who has cancer.  The situation needs intense prayer.
*Rolando and Julia (Guatemala-It has been over SEVEN years.), AND Junior and Diamoh (Liberia) to be able to finally come home to their families and that these countries open to legitimate adoptions. (UPDATE: ROLANDO AND JULIA ARE COMING HOME!!!!!)

*Eliz and her family as their three new boys, who have suffered severe neglect, transition into her family.

*Renae and her family as they are in the last stages of bringing home their daughter from Ethiopia. Please pray everything goes smoothly and quickly.
*Please pray for Gena (and family) and their teen son. Please pray for him to come to know CHRIST.

*Please pray for Jill and her family for money to be returned that is owed them. Also, please pray for a grant/financing as they need for their current journey (as well as for a smooth and blessed journey).

*Please pray for our friends, the Clute family, whose father has Cancer. There is no cure, but treatment that can prolong his life. Please petition for his dad...
*Please pray for the "S" family.  A situation has come up where children need an adult fighting for them.  Please pray for discernment, blessing, and guidance.

"Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me..."Psalm 66:16

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