Saturday, October 6, 2012

Celebration and Caught Off Guard

I've had some pretty heavy thoughts today.  I'm still sorting through them, so I'll share another time.

Today we had my mom, brother, and friend Tammy over to celebrate my brother's birthday.

For those of you that don't know, I'm the baby of the family (a fact I tend to rub in).  I have two older brothers. 

Yes, my  mom obviously stuck a bowl on all our heads.

The oldest is Ralph (yup, we had fun razzing him about his name).  He's my brother that breaks things (like his skin, ligaments, bones, etc), but ALWAYS very creatively (a bull, arm wrestling, snow boarding, a surf rescue).  He's seven years older than me.

My next brother is Steve.  Steve is a blast.  He's a giant goof like me, was the best man at our wedding, and moved from a few states over to live near us.  We're still working on Ralph. 

We were also friends growing up.  We bonded over not liking Ralph (laughing out loud right now).  He tended to pick on us...maybe just a tad. 

As grown ups we all hold our own and Ralph has a big heart.

Tonight we celebrated Steve.  I am proud to call him my brother.  He loves God so very much and still shoots off zingers like, "What a crock!" (Sorry, inside joke)

He's under that blurry pile somewhere...
My mom bought this Snickers cake that says, "Happy 64th...oops 46th Birthday Steven".  My husband didn't feel that was enough.  He wrote on the box, "You might SNICKER, but birthdays are no laughing matter! We love you Steve!"
This is the second birthday at our house in eight days.  That our house is clean enough to do that is a miracle in itself. 

As my brother left tonight I realized just how cold it was.  I was totally caught off guard.  You see, Jael has MANY little shorts, but I thought I had a little bit more time before needing to alter a couple pairs of pants.  We don't want to alter too many since she will have prosthesis soon, but I knew we'd need a couple pairs for the cold days that she didn't want to wear her prosthesis.

Again...Caught Off Guard (in a capital way)...

My mom and I had plans to alter the pants, but were noodling how to do it best.  Tonight I just used velcro and did a single stitch to keep the velcro on (until we could do it right).  It doesn't look pretty, but will keep her legs warm tomorrow at Church.  We have better ideas, but this will work for now.

This is the back of the pants.

Well, it's almost 11:00pm and I'm a big baby (A HUGE ONE).  Don't worry, I don't call my kids that, just myself at 11:00 at night.  I'm tired. 

May all of you have sweet sleep filled with leading from God....

"Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me..." Psalm 66:16

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