Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Learning Experience~The Act, Not the Consequences

I am very careful in this blog about protecting our kids (knowing we ALL make mistakes), from broadcasting their mistakes.

In this instance though...well, I'm sad.  It's something totally superficial and this is something she will probably tell her kids about it in the future.

My girly girl decided to cut her hair...her beautiful twists...all over her head.

Day one was Tuesday.   I noticed she cut her hair and had told her (last time) if this happened again I would have to cut it the length she had cut it.  I hesitated.  Her hair is beautiful.

Day two we were so busy and part of me just hoped we could hide it, but noticed it was not falling right ANYWHERE and was a little "off".

Day three was this morning.  I noticed her hair was different lengths EVERYWHERE.

The scissors had to come out.  I cut her hair while it was in twists (since that is how she usually likes to wear it). 

I admit it.  I'm sad.  I told her that if she wanted short hair again, to please tell me and I could trim it for her.  She didn't want short hair.  She just wanted to cut her hair (the act), but not have the consequences (short hair).

Isn't that how it is for everyone?  We want the instant "feel good", but not the consequences.  It's the not so wonderful nature of sin. 

Little miss is still beautiful, gorgeous...but not happy.  I would not have normally taken this picture, but I took it to send to her daddy.

Time will regrow the length.

Now if I can just learn from Bekah's hard lesson.  The act is not worth the consequence...especially when I'm hurting my Lord and Savior.

"You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self..." Ephesians 4:22a

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