Monday, September 10, 2012

Time to Go to Bed...

About 40 minutes after Jael dozes off each night she wakes crying. We pick her up like a baby and whisper words of comfort.  We're not sure what is upsetting her, but we suspect this may be another result of the medication.  It breaks our hearts, though we treasure the opportunity to help her feel cherished.

Not the best picture, but Thomas and I are doing this nightly.

I called the nurse today (Julie has been a wonderful blessing), but we can't get a medication change until tomorrow.    Since the medication works for the pain and, besides this instance every night, only makes her restless (not unhappy) we can wait one more night.  We don't love it, but our doctor needs to see what the best alternative is.

Managing pain seems to be one of the biggest issues.  Tonight when we changed her bandage though, there is a little piece of tissue (that came out when the drain was pulled on one leg) that again stuck to her bandage (it had seemed to be healing).  Thomas is going to put a call in to the hospital tomorrow and see if he can talk to the surgeon.  We don't want to delay healing and we are a little concerned that this might.  We're not worried about this long term, but short term we want this as painless as possible for her.

She's now sound asleep, but I'm reminded of when my children were infants.  You know those nights where you really don't want to go to sleep because you know you'll be up again soon?  It's not grudgingly at all...just reality.  I may be tired, but I'M Jael's mommy.  I have that honor and there is almost nothing that compares.

She's finally asleep now.

We keep her on the couch near to us until I go to bed. I look forward to the day we are all healed and in the right beds again, but until then....our little girl needs us.


Though this blog post may be a little scattered tonight, we did have a bunch of happy kids today.  They loved their new co-op and came home wanting to share stories about Ancient Greece, Praise Band, and Basketball...and many more classes beyond what I can remember. 

My brain has now decided to shut down, so I'll leave you with a picture I took today. 

This little girl makes me laugh!

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9


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  1. We found with Cav that the waking was from the muscle spasms. Hugs!

  2. :( I hope medication and the little trouble spot on her leg can be addressed and corrected quickly. Poor baby. I'm so glad she's got y'all to hold her and love on her, esp. now. Hope you can catch a little nap and recharge.
    (((Hugs))) from a distance since we have 2 little guys with tummy bugs right now.

  3. Our son had night terrors after his surgery (palate, not legs...). I've heard people say that night terrors come from anesthesia, and I also wondered if it was just from trauma. They increased over the first 10 days after surgery (he screamed in his sleep for 5 straight hours on the worst night), and then decreased over about 7 more days, and then he went back to sleeping normally. Hope Jael sleeps better soon!


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