Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pre-op Exhaustion...I Think They Slipped Me Something

I thought I had long days before,  I really did.....but today I am still suffering from a pre-op hangover.

Yesterday, was long...SUPER long.

I don't even know where to start.  (Did I mention it was a long day?  Just in case I didn't....)

I left for the hospital yesterday with some happy kids staying home with their big siblings (shout out to Sarah and Lexi for babysitting).


....and one sad Ms. Rachel wanting to go with mommy.

Yes, I took a picture...cause honestly that face is so cute...and pitiful.

Somehow I knew today would be long...REALLY long and I shouldn't bring everyone. (Did I mention it was a long day?  Just in case I didn't....)

We got there at 10:00 only to find out we made a mistake...actually a volunteer did (with another family as well) and had called to confirm a ten o'clock appointment (it was at 9:00). 

We've had many appointment changes and I didn't think anything of it.  No biggy...bloopers happen.  They were super sweet....

We hit registration room (not called that, but again...pre-op hangover)...and were weighed (thankfully not me) and measured.  Blood pressure was taken.  MANY questions flew.  I even caught a couple.

Then we headed to meet the psychologist again, the doctor, a nurse...and countless others.

Anna was my helper today.  Even on crutches she was wonderful!

Anna hiding from Jael.  She didn't catch that there was a mirror yet.

Such a silly girl!

We asked a couple of questions, though they were few at this point.  We even arranged to have a mold made of Jael's legs.  We didn't know they did that, but had the suggestion made by two lovely Christian sisters and thought I might ask.  I didn't want to decide not to and regret it later.

We were also asked how we were holding up.  I looked at them with my bloodshot eyes and said, "Big pink furry rabbits love Suburbans".  (Sorry, pre-op hangover again)

Really, I mumbled something about time standing still for this surgery or some such...not really sure.

Then we headed downstairs so they could slap some goop on my daughter. 

Oh, that was the casting of her legs....(napping between sentences).

Unbelievable, she's cute even not being able to move her legs all the way down to her toes.  I think my leg would be claustrophobic and my skin would probably be crawling as I thought of the fact that in reality they were not going to take it off....EVER....and I'd never be able to move again. (Ya, did I mention it was a long day? Just in case....)
After being covered in goop we went to the media center.  Ya, maybe we should have done this in a different order, but hey...we just follow directions (  There they took pictures and videos of Jael and because she is just SO cute, asked us nicely if we would mind giving them a ring when we were done. They wanted to do special pictures in prettier spots for publicity for the hospital.  Let me tell you...this hospital ROCKS...they want pictures of this little beauty, and they've got it!

After casting and media we headed back to the Admissions Office (hey, I remembered its name!) and they sent us to lunch.

I combated the unhealthy greasy pizza Jael wanted with apple juice.  Apple juice cancels out the pizza, right?

At lunch we ran into a sweet lady from the Resource Center (we're starting to be recognized) who asked us to stop by.  After lunch that's exactly what we did (I think)...

They gave us the email of another adoptive family who has gone through this.  I think about this time Jael might have been sick of pictures.  Yes, she is eating ice cream.  Apple juice covers that too???

And went BACK to the Admission office...again. 

Then we hit pharmacy.  I think they may have slipped me something...obviously.

No pictures, please.

Next Anesthesiology (so thankful for spell check)....

Finally we were almost done. Jael was assigned a room and we headed up to it to meet several more people playing a part in her surgery, recovery, and hospitalization....all at different times.  Occupational Therapy, her nurse (mother of eight), a nutritionist, and...ummm....I think there was someone else...or maybe two someone elses. 

I will say I had a moment of hysterics when the OT mentioned the Prosthetist (I held in the hysterical laughter the best I could.  I did NOT want to explain that one.  See the post about the last appointment if you don't understand. I feel slightly guilty and can't bring myself to tell the story again).

Finally we called the media people, of which I got NO pictures of and headed home.

After leaving the house at nine in the morning...and on a holiday weekend....

we arrived home at 6:15 after driving and hour and a half (which usually takes 40 minutes).

(Did I mention it was a long day? Just in case....)

Now I stare at the ceiling contemplating the meaning of life....or just the meaning of parking on driveways and driving on parkways.

"A joyful heart is good medicine..." Proverbs 17:22a

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  1. What a day!!! I'm tired just reading it. Get some rest this weekend. Jael makes the perfect little model for all the photographers! So glad they made a casting of her legs for you.


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