Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Praying Together~Standing Together~Kneeling Together

Yesterday we saw a miracle.  Today we petition in prayer, for God is moving in MIGHTY ways.


Have you ever gone without food...even accidentally skipped a meal?  Hunger beyond what was imagined hit when you didn't expect it?  Orphans across the world, even here, live with that every day.  Some are so malnourished their bodies get used to it...the lack of water....food...even the most basic necessities.  Their body's wasted.

Have you ever had to take a medication that left you groggy, only able to sleep?  I have when ill and for 24 hours I slept almost continuously.  Many children are drugged purposely...every day a fog...to keep them from being "trouble".

Unknown injuries, broken bones (literally) may not even be known...and occurred a day that "they just couldn't do anything with them".

Day in and day out they have "your most boring day"...but worse....no one talks to them, no one looks at them...they may not even know their name (no one ever says it).  Some are in shacks, treated like nonentities.

Jonathan is in one of those places.

He is considered a "Lost Boy".  He is in a place where children are forgotten...where they are NEVER heard from or seen again...unless someone sees past their neglect, their diagnoses, their small size, their situation...unless they are adopted. 

It may seem daunting, pursuing a child where their will be no updates...a child that is in an institution (not orphanage) that may die before you (or I) can get to them.

Mabel is in a better place, at least that is what we can assume. 

She is eight (just as Sasha is) and the size of a toddler.  When she hits five or six (the age that I understand many are transferred at in this particular Eastern European Country) she was not transferred to an institution, but an older child's orphanage which is a HUGE blessing.  It's not perfect, ideal, or near what she would experience in a family....but it is better.

Better than what?

Today, on Linny's Blog "A Place Called Simplicity", we are joining MANY in prayer.  So many brothers and sisters are hurting or in need.

Our family's prayer request is not eloquent, but this.

"We ask for continued prayers for Jael’s (our four year old daughter’s) total healing from bilateral amputation surgery that took place two weeks ago.

We also ask for petitioning for clarity for both my husband and I. We are asking for God to show us HIS Will in an obvious way to both of us. We want His will above all else.

We also ask that God bring a family to Jonathan and Mabel, two orphans from Eastern Europe that are deeply embedded in our hearts."

In addition to what was placed on Linny's Blog, we are praying that the head of Sasha's institution develops a love for these children, opens the doors, and MAJOR change for the positive takes place.  If not, that she steps down and someone who ADORES and will help these children steps in.

Please join us in prayer, not just for us, but for all those hurting or needing intercession.  Read the comments on Linny's Blog to see just how many...and join us there.

Also, please keep Yvette and her family in constant prayer.  Her sweet daughter is going to be undergoing a intense surgery...no room for error.  We've been celebrating as her son walked for the first time.  Now we pray for her daughter.

Thank you for joining us.  May GOD be ever present in this.

"Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me..."Psalm 66:16

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