Saturday, September 15, 2012

No Panic, but Prayers~Possible Infection

In changing the bandages every 24 hours, today we sat down to change it again.

The good news is the small spot where the drainage tube was seems to be sealed over and healing.  It did this once before, but with the prayers coming we are confident it's on the mend.

What has us a little concerned/thoughtful is what we saw when changing her bandages today.

Her left leg had a raised rash (small) and her right leg has a flat redness that has spread out a little from it.  There is NO other symptoms, no drainage, odor, pain, inflammation....just the redness.  It's not normal redness and is spread out some.  She says it itches, which can be totally normal with healing.

Jael is happy as a clam. Not sure why clams are happy, but hey...

We have called the inpatient nurses station and she has called the doctor.  They said since there is NO other signs to just wait and see.  Monday we are to call first thing and get her in with her surgeon, since our post-op appointment was changed to two weeks from now (since everything was going perfect and he was going to be out of town... though hasn't left yet).

We have also just sent pictures of the rash to the surgeon.

Can you please pray these rashes/possible infection clears up QUICKLY...IMMEDIATELY. 

With the Strep and now two children with a virus that leaves us a little concerned what could cause this rash.

Thank you for  petitioning with us friends!!!!

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