Saturday, September 8, 2012

Night and Day Mix Up, Sixteen, and Asleep in the Shower

For some reason last night was a time of alertness for our little girl. 

Thomas and I had thought we figured out a system.  We decided to rotate who gave Jael medicine in the wee hours.  He had the 2:00 am shift.  I remember hearing the footsteps (as he has given up his bed for a few days for the comfort of his sweet child) and knowing Thomas was giving medicine.  What a wonderful be able to sleep for another four hours!

Jael had different potty trips later I realized little girl didn't WANT to sleep.  We ran her to the potty whenever she wanted to because for about 24 hours she seemed to fear the restroom a little, knowing the restroom meant movement, it meant the chance the bandages would have to be reapplied if they came off. 

At the fourth potty request I became a tad wiser.  The not wanting to go to sleep didn't seem to be based in fear or pain, but genuinely not wanting to go to sleep.  I leaned over and whispered in a comatose voice, "Jael honey, it's time to sleep."

And what does she say?!!!

"Ok mommy!" 

That's all it took. I wish my wisdom had shown its face quicker.

So somewhere around 6:00am Jael and I drifted back off to sleep.

Eight thirty am and an alert Jael came too quickly.

Thomas and I decided to go ahead and wash her hair. 

Side note: Though there's an interesting and slightly intimidating dry shampoo cap we were given (think space age), we copped out (chickened out is more like it) and while daddy held just her head over the bathtub, I washed her hair with the sprayer.

Then to the sponge bath and dressing change.

The dressing change is a process.  It is not one the we can say is enjoyable, though a privilege. Even seeing a beautiful future that lies in these healing steps, it still can be a source of pain for our daughter.  We have to be VERY careful.

Of course when I ask for a smile, Jael just beams.  No joke, this girl is a ROCK STAR!!!!

I have now learned what it is to be tired (ok, I already knew, but I forgot).  I thought I had known when I was nursing a few littles.  I thought I knew when we arrived back from Russia with our blessing Max.

But I fell asleep standing up in the shower today...NO JOKE.  I really logistically didn't really believe that was possible.  I had heard people say that they had fallen asleep standing up, but...I just couldn't grasp it. 

I had thought I was in the shower for about 15 minutes and found out it had been at least 30.  I leaned my head against the wall in the shower and the next thing I knew is that I was waking up.  SOOOO thankful I decided against a bath today (chuckle).

I honestly probably wouldn't have taken a shower (don't judge me...ya, I'm laughing), but my amazing daughter Sarah turned 16 recently and her best friend Lexi and best friend's mom were taking her out for a couple of hours.  She REALLY wanted me to go and I ADORE my oldest daughter. 

Side note:  She is an amazing young lady that desires God and service to Him above all other things.  She is wise beyond her years.  (More about Sarah later this month when we have her birthday celebration with her friends.)

So I went with them...and was probably a little more embarrassing than usual (laughing).  She asked for it.  I'm loopy when tired.

I need to be honest though.  Though I very much enjoyed the time, it was extremely hard to be away from Jael and my husband.  Jael for obvious reasons and my husband because God has given him a strength that I have been very much leaning on this week (after God's).  If it weren't my daughter's birthday (and Lexi's tomorrow), I probably wouldn't have gone.

Side note:  Have I mentioned I am more in love with my husband today than 19 years ago when we first fell for each other?

Anyway, it's now 10:15 pm and I'm not even sure this post makes sense.  It's not profound, but our reality right now. 

Our clean clothes are in a HUGE pile.  Our dishes are starting to stack up.  We are relying on frozen meals and gift cards to feed our family.  I really need to vacuum and see how much food we have left.  It's not gonna happen right now though.  Rest is in my near future.  The house will keep. 

If you stop by, ignore the mess.  I do suggest you see our little ROCK STAR though.  She's pretty amazing.

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9


  1. Heartfelt sigh. Continuing in prayer for you and your precious, brave little gal. I can't imagine how exhausted you all must be--both physically and emotionally. Wish we lived closer so I could invite the twins over for some Klein chaos!! :)

  2. Looks like you're doing a great job! So glad to hear how much you love your husband.


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