Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hair and Craziness

Yes, as you can tell this is a very deep post (chuckle).  We're all a little tired, but the pictures are just one part of our fun reality. 

Prayerfully this is the last Sunday my husband and I will need to miss Church (the oldest five go with my mom and bro).  This week we should receive Jael's full on release and bye bye cabin fever! (Yes, I'm singing)

Tomorrow is a busy day.  I'll share more in the next post.  

This afternoon, while kicking back, we "did" hair. It's fun, relaxing (and a little itchy).

Gabe's new haircut (by mommy). It's more of a Mohawk, but you can't tell by the pic. 

Max gets a buzz. He's a rough and tumble boy and gets a military cut.  He loves it!

Jael "officially" gets her hair done every morning. Had to throw in a cute bath pic!

This is Rachel's hair after it's untwisted and detangled.

She is too cute.  We'll throw a headband on and I love this style on her!

Sarah and Anna helped me to untwist Bekah's hair.  There's a lot of it. Sarah is the blur and Tom is the feet in the background.  See, proof I really do have

This is Bekah untwisted and detangled.

Did I mention she has a lot of hair?

She loves twists and though I was planning another style, the parting was bugging her too much, so....twists it is!
Obviously, I don't have a ton of profound thoughts tonight.  With the craziness starting in the morning, today we relaxed and "got ready". 

This entire week is exciting though...
*Two hospital days (one day for casting for the prosthesis and another for our official "release"...which mean we can start acting normal as our family can be anyway)
*Two days of a SAT/PSAT Prep course for my oldest two
*Sarah's 16th birthday party (a few friends and pizza)

Busy but fun, now to figure out how I can "socialize" my home schoolers this week (hee hee...wink).

Have a blessed night friends.  God continues to bless us and watch over us daily (for which we are forever thankful).

"Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me..."Psalm 66:16


  1. I so did not watch that video in the last post because I don't need another crazy song to go through my head (enough crazyness in this head already, thank you very much! wink).

    yes, indeed, don't forget to schedule socialization time--that made me grin

    Bekah's hair! WOW!! Beautiful!!!

    And you cut all their hair?! Go you! I've tried a couple times. . .yeah, I love them too much to do that to them again! ;)


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