Thursday, September 13, 2012

Everyone Except Jesus~The Night Blessing

When our children were infants, way back to when some were in the womb, instead of singing "Jesus Loves Me" we sang "Jesus loves You". 

We wanted our children to know the overpowering love of Christ.

On September 4th, as they readied Jael for surgery, her daddy and I held her in our arms and sang "Jesus Loves You".

Even now thoughts of the moment brings tears to my eyes.  It was heart wrenching, knowing how serious this surgery was and handing her over.

Tonight, again, we sung "Jesus Loves You"...this time as a family.  We weren't thinking about the last time we sang it, but Jael was.

"We sang that at the doctors!" Jael interposed.  Doctors and hospital are interchangeable to her. 

Jael remembered.  We didn't know if she would.

Jesus loves her.  She remembered.

Today I read another blog.  I read of a special needs little boy who just came home from Eastern Europe.  His mother was told by the doctor that he had been beaten, abused, neglected, and starved.  My heart broke into a million pieces. 

Because Jesus loves him....

Jesus loves this child and no one stood up for him.  So many children around the world cringe in fear, lay in hunger and neglect not knowing love.

And tonight I look at my children. 

My oldest who is happy, going through his senior year.  Sarah who is a little tired and making us laugh tonight.  Anna who came in emotional, dealing with the life of a sixth grader who has siblings.  Max, he dug himself in a little today...maybe not always making the choices he should (as we all do at times).  Bekah, gave her sweet smile and tried to follow along with devotional.  Rachel peeked over the pillow she was laying on, giggling, knowing she was supposed to be settling down. Gabe, belted out every song we sung whether he knew it or not.  Jael snuggled with her favorite dolly and said in the sweetest voice (as we sang "Jesus Loves You"),

"We sang that at the doctors!".

Yes, we did sweet girl. 

Our lives are filled with abounding love.  They are overflowing.  Even now I hope there's room for more, because of one little boy who everyone forgot...everyone except Jesus....

and one little girl who has changed our lives more than we could ever have imagined.

Yes, Jesus loves you...
Yes, Jesus loves you...
Yes, Jesus loves you...
Our Heavenly Father tells us so...


  1. As a preschool Sunday school teacher for years and years I strummed a little Taylor guitar and sang songs for the children who danced and sat around me with bright plastic dollar store tambourines and the worship was pure and perfect, pouring from pure hearts and perfect love toward God. When we learned about the time when Jesus said to " Let the children come." we made it into a song and our chorus was, "We'll build a sidewalk to Jesus!" that's what you do Kat. When others look away from these precious people, you build sidewalks to Jesus. With your words and with your life! Glory to God :)

  2. I love it! That is exactly how I've sung it ever since my 16 year old was a tiny baby. I sing their names instead of Little Ones. And here I thought I was the only one :')


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