Monday, September 24, 2012

Casting for Prosthesis, Hats, and the SAT

Moms with a million hats.  I don't know one mom who doesn't have a imaginary closet full.

Today I used enough hats that tonight I'm a little like a koala on Tylenol PM.  I'm a little tired, hangin' with my baby, and all warm and fuzzy (though that may be due to my need to shave...;) ).

As I saw the kids off to co-op (awesome grandma took them), I snapped a couple of pictures.  I couldn't resist after seeing what my goofy kids came up with. 

Can you guess what day it was at school?

Don't mess with Bekah, she's gone over to the dark side.

Yes, Anna takes after me.  Goof!

Max hung with the normal crowd today.

The kids enjoyed hat day.  I'm thinking I could have pulled some pretty cool ones out of my imaginary hat closet.

I sent the kids packin' and tried to clean up a little, took littles potty, packed the diaper bag, got breakfast (I think), packed a lunch for the teens to take to their SAT/PSAT class that started today, took littles potty again, and got the littles to the car.

(All said in one breath...gasping)

TODAY they did casting for Jael's prosthesis.  She was a little trooper (not Storm, though she was hangin' with Vader earlier) and just rolled with everything.  She constantly amazes me.  Her strength is inspirational.  Gabe and Rachel were a little more antsy this time, but they still were really good.

I might have (hanging head in shame) used bribary.   We had three Tootsie Roll Pops.  I know (head buried in sand...laughing)...

Someone MIGHT have told them they could have them IF they were good (after the casting)...maybe. 

There are rare times and places for bribary.  This was one of them.

Don't worry, I just might have regreted it after the 332 time of the littles asking, "Lollipop now?"

They created (literally) a body sock to go under the casting material.

Stewart marked the back of her legs where the stitches were.

Abbey (mostly) and I took turns holding Jael while they applied the "casting" material.  Really, it's just like the wraps they make traditional casts out of (at least that's how it looks).

The cast from the waste down.

Taking the cast off.  They just wiggled her out of it!

This was just another stage of our adventure.  Abbey and Stewart in the Prosthetics Clinic are amazing...AND they have a sense of humor (ALMOST equally important). 

They now will create a test socket (hope that's the right word) to make sure the fit is right. Then (so cool) they will create her first (of most likely many over the years) prosthesis. 

Before you know it we will be posting pics of a little girl walking for the first time.  Unbelievable....

So, tonight the koala in me wants to curl up (or hang from a tree???) and go to sleep.  Yet the other side, the Jedi (ya, I'm cool like that) is ready to take on the next hurdle. 

God leads and we's an adventure like NO other.

"Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me..." Psalm 66:16

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  1. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! I am so excited for Jael and the whole family. Woo Hoo! Praise God!!!!


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