Friday, September 21, 2012

Cabin Fever (Said While Dancing)

Do you notice some familiarity in the pictures? Maybe the room they're taken in? What the kids are wearing? What they are doing?

Pretending to be at work

Home School Language
Concentrating on doing her baby's hair
 Role Playing (that they are mommies)

Jael STILL brushing her baby's hair and the blur is the twins fighting over a toy.  I did intervene, but I just happen to catch this occasional reality. 

We have a tad bit of cabin fever. Which immediately sends my brain into the Muppet's Cabin Fever song.  I can't help it, I was raised on it.


99% of the time we are either here or at the hospital.  Jael is doing WONDERFUL, but she still has some serious stitches.  She doesn't have to have bandages, but the thought of something raking across one of her legs is not...ummm...ideal.  The "official" release from being uber careful will hopefully come a week from today. We are not "locked down" anymore, but with the stitches...rash...etc....we have cabin fever. (Man, there goes the song in my head again)

Since Jael's nights are "off", Thomas gets a lovely taste of cabin fever during the weekends while I rest as well.  (THE SONG WON'T STOP!)

All is good though, today is Friday, I am SO glad.  My brain is about three steps behind where it should be and my reactions are VERY entertaining to my family.  I'm a little afraid of what I've taught my kids this week (chuckle).   My teens made a comment the other day that they no longer have to wait until late at night for me to get really goofy and honest (because I'm just so normal all the time ;) ).

So in my blurry, half addled mind I must say adieu...and go see if there is still homemade lasagna left.  It was, VERY kindly and thankfully, brought over tonight to feed the zoo. 

"We've got cabin fever
no if's, and's, or but's.
We're disoriented,
and Demented,
and a little nuts."

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