Wednesday, September 12, 2012

And We MAY Have a Winner! (Last Night, Today, and Nurse)

Well, we are all warm and full.  We just finished a dinner our preacher and his wife blessed us with.  I actually missed seeing them :(.  I was so literally sick from exhaustion yesterday, that Thomas and I are both trying to make sure we stay other words, I was taking a nap.

This experience is helping me to realize that I need to be more observant of opportunities to cook for those who are going through somehow harder journeys or transitions. 

Having fresh food and even food easily cooked (frozen dishes) is such a blessing right now.Though we feel like things are slowly turning a corner, we are not at "normal" yet. 

Thomas goes back to work next week..... and for about another week after that we will still not be able to easily go anywhere (at least until the doctor releases Jael to be able to be up and out).  We've been so thankful to have family and friends who have brought food, supplies, and run errands for us.

Today has been good, last night was more restful than we had expected.  Every three hours we rotated Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen instead of prescription meds.  We had a little restlessness, but VERY little.  We actually had to wake her up to take meds (we wanted to insure we stayed ahead of the worst pain).  She did great! At this point (said very prayerfully) we do believe the medicine was the problem.

She dozed again this afternoon and slept so peacefully.  This reinforces the thought the the Tylenol with Codeine is not an ideal med for Jael.

When Jael sleeps she stretches her shirt to cover her's a sensory thing and oh so sweet.

Side note: Today we actually received an email from a previous adoption agency (WHFC) about the effects of Tylenol with Codeine on children adopted from Ethiopia specifically.  My body was so wonky as a child, meds having the opposite effects of the norm, that as parents we just need to be very aware.

I think, though, in general Jael's pain is lessening  She looked at me today and said, "Mommy, my legs don't hurt!"  How we've waited to hear those words!!!! She complained a few times of her legs hurting later today, but we celebrate even a short time without pain!

We are still having a small problem with the one spot on her right leg where they pulled the drainage tube.  There is no sign of infection, but it's just not completely healing.  I talked to the nurse today and after we shared with her all we'd been doing, she said we were doing the right things.  We were told to give it another week and then if it's still not healed, give her a call again.  She's not worried and this can be normal. Once it heals we can go to a shower for Jael and say goodbye to sponge baths.  This would be a great specific prayer request. 

Could you please pray for her legs to heal, specifically that one small spot where they pulled the tube on her right leg?   Please also pray for continued pain management, sleep, and for our family to find (even a temporary) rhythm.

The lights have now turned off and we are shutting down the house.  Sweet sleep friends...

Thank you for checking in on us and for your continued prayers.

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9


  1. Definitely praying specifically for your sweet girl and for you as you find a normal of some kind!!!!!

  2. Kat, I look forward to reading your blogs everyday. I'm amazed, not at what God has done, but that we have such an amazing God that cares so much for us that He answers our prayers so faithfully!!!! It's wonderful to read about the progress Jael is making and all praise goes to our heavenly father!!! Prayers continually go up for this precious child! Can't wait to read about her first steps!!!

  3. Will definately pray!! So glad to hear your changes in meds seem to be working.

  4. Sweet, sweet girl! I'm so glad she is feeling better. Still praying for all of you!


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