Monday, August 20, 2012

Toby *Shaking Head Sadly*

Toby did me wrong....again.

Just remind me that right now I shouldn't go anywhere alone...please.

I'm fine when I'm around everyone.

Yesterday we had a birthday celebration for Max (10), Gabe (3), and Rachel (3).  I'll post pictures later.

Since we had an....ummm....odd weekend (think water pouring from the ceiling as the air conditioner over flow pan was corroded)...we decided to move the celebration from our house to Cici's Pizza.   

After Church I dropped my hubby off with the kids and headed to pick up the balloons and the small cakes.

And it happened again, sheesh....

I was listening (blasting) Toby Mac and the tears started coming down.

There is ZERO depression...seriously...but my crazy emotion barometer is off the charts.

I've taken to  wearing the sunglasses that I use to pull my hair back, over my eyes when I'm alone.  I know...crazy.  Who'd have thought of wearing them on the FACE?!

BUT if Toby Mac would stop singing words like this, I'd be ok....

"Wake up to the rising sun
thank the Lord for the
things He's done
lift your eyes up to the
hope that's ever true
Wanna see you smiling girl
you're a light in this jaded world
wipe away those tears
this one's for you."

I need to tell him to stop serenading me in the car.  He's messing with me.


Two weeks from tonight Jael and I check in at the hospital.


Please remember to keep Selah in your prayers as well as Sasha and Mabel (top right of blog).  Also, if you have a prayer request, please feel free to comment here or email me.  Let me know if it's ok if I post it or you would rather I keep it private.  If you have a moment, please click on the Prayer Requests tab above and join us in petitions to our Heavenly Father.  I know many read our blog on their phone, so I will attempt to post the prayer requests at the end of at least one post a week.

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