Saturday, August 11, 2012

The "Prayer Requests" Tab

You may notice at the top of the page a tab that says "Prayer Requests". These are not only prayer requests for our family, but for you.

If you have a way we can pray for you, PLEASE share it with us. We want to be prayer warriors for you.

You can comment on any blog post with a prayer request (which we will add to the "Prayer Requests" Tab) OR if you would like it to remain private, please just email us (address to the right of the blog) and we will add it to our prayer journal, but not place it here.

Side Note: Most future posts (unless I pull a brain hiccup) will have a few sentences at the end of each post asking for any prayer requests and (if you have a moment) to join us in praying.  

Let's stand together, warriors for each other....

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