Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Danger of Elmo Guitars

If you give a toddler a Elmo Guitar for their birthday, they will play with it endlessly.

If they play with it endlessly, mommy's nerves will eventually be shot.

If mommy's nerves are eventually shot, she will hide the guitar when the toddlers are asleep.

If she hides the guitar when the toddlers are asleep, one toddler will notice it's missing.

If one toddler notices it's missing, then mommy has to remember where she put it.

When mommy remembers where she put it, she will hand it to her oldest daughter to go put back with the toys.

If her oldest daughter goes to put it back with the toys, she will decide to jam with Elmo.

If she decides to jam with Elmo, her little sister will want to jam with Elmo too.

If her little sister wants to jam with Elmo too, then big sister will hold it out of her reach.

If big sister holds it out of her reach, then little sister will jump on her back when she's not expecting it.

If little sister jumps on her back when she's not expecting it, then big sister will fall over on top of little sister.

If big sister falls on top of little sister, little sister may fracture her foot.

(Yes, I even think in children's books.)


  1. If you give a Kat a comment... She's probably going to want a cookie to go with it:) Feel better Anna!

  2. Here's a cookie, Kat! (toss)
    You have to admit that you never once hoped that no one in the family would get a broken foot or bone before Jael's surgery. It was allll about colds and viruses. So, I'd say you're still doing GREAT! haha
    Oh Anna, I hope you're not in too much pain, you silly girl! Praying your foot heals up quickly.


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