Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Life (and This Time Next Tuesday)

I woke up at 5:00 am and couldn't get back to sleep this morning.  I've been trying to sleep in when the littles do, since I haven't been sleeping well at night (I wonder why...smile).

I thought I'd get up this morning, share some fairly serious thoughts (bear with me) and share just the general "what's going on" with us this week.

Blogging about all the emotion, facts, and reality right now is not always easy.  I'm going to REALLY attempt to stay real and very honest.  Not only do I want to document this journey for Jael, but there are those that are facing things that seem insurmountable and we want them to know we "get it".  Life is hard sometimes, but two things...

*God is ALWAYS good.
*God wins.

I think if we know those truths and understand that we don't and WON'T understand everything on this earth, we'll be ok.  It's not that it won't be hard or painful, but we will by ok.  Francis Chan said something (TOTALLY paraphrasing) to the effect that what we understand of God we can put in a Coke can, while God is the entire ocean. 

Yesterday was a little busy.  I probably should have included in the post from yesterday....hiding the place that our foundation exploded while adopting Jael (no structural problem, so we're fixing the foundation next year?), filling and painting a couple of cracks, and doing assignment sheets as well.

Today will be just as busy.  It's not normally this crazy, but between the surgery and getting ready for school to start....

The plan for the afternoon is to spend time with my mom planning home school.  I stayed up last night making rough assignment sheets/homework planners.

Today mom and I sit down and figure out the home school year.  My mom is teaching two of my middle kids Language and piano this year (Anna and Max) which is a HUGE help.  Anna is in sixth grade this year and my mom is MUCH better at diagramming...lol.

Maybe later I'll redo our dividing of chores and make a special one for the week we are at the hospital (so the house doesn't fall in with debris...smile). 

Every day this week has a plan...

Of course, with everything going on, things break.  That's the way things work (smile). Our main computer went pfffftttt on us and we're recovering the hard drive (praising God we can since the teens high school transcripts are on it). Of course this happens right before home school starts and that's the computer that had a printer connected to it. 

Sunday, our puppy (11 months and maybe 110lbs) and my brother's German Shepherd broke through the fence.  We've patched it...it's very interesting looking now.

Finally, we found our ceiling raining last week. Yep, that's not really a good thing. Though I think a picture of someone shampooing their hair under it may have just been a little funny.   Our air conditioner overflow pan was eroded. A VERY sweet guy came over and found that there was a clog in the air conditioner (the pan should not even need to be used) and fixed it...without charge...he wouldn't take money.

Really, our house isn't falling a part, it has character (chuckle) and EVERYTHING always breaks when big things are happening for God...and God is working big time. 

We're stunned at friends stepping forward to aid our family. They are so good to us. 

Another friend called yesterday to tell us he was having someone install our toilet and fix our backyard hose connection (can't get it to stop leaking and capped it).  He even was going to have someone replace our sliding glass door. 

Side Note: We had been planning to buy a new one (our's is jimmy rigged to work right now, but is safe and working fine...just needs to be replaced), but the cheapest one would now almost empty our savings, so...we'll wait on that. 

God is good and takes care of every need.

Here's a general schedule of our craziness....

Today - Home school planning and an art project (hopefully bead melting suncatchers)
Wednesday-Thorough house cleaning and organizing the front of the house.
Thursday-Our bedroom organizing and cleaning (and lawn for our oldest)
Friday-Post Op and big grocery store trip
Saturday-Getting the van fixed (only will take two hours) and possible getting the kids pictures taken.  They are going to be BEAUTIFUL.  A very kind and sweet photographer has offered to take their pictures.  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!
Sunday-Rest and Church at home to keep viruses at bay
Monday-Fun time with family, pack, and check in that night for surgery
Tuesday-Surgery Day
Wednesday through Friday-In the hospital
Next two weeks staying home and trying to keep a little precious one a little more still than usual.

I can't believe, yet again, that everything is happening so quick.  One week at this time (now 8am) Jael will be being prepped for surgery (she just leaned over my shoulder and said, "Me have newah feet Mommy.")

I want to share one last thought (as I probably will share it again).  This is ALL worth it...every bit.  Our kids are our kids PERIOD.  It DOES NOT MATTER how they joined our family when it comes to our love for them. THEY ARE OUR CHILDREN.   We hope and pray we are a blessing to them, but they ARE a blessing to us. 

Just a Thought: That is one of the differences in Our Heavenly Father's adoption of us.  He blesses us and we just PRAY we can bless Him.

We would do this again IN A SECOND if it would bless our children and was what was best for them. 

And for those seeing the busyness of this week, but maybe missing the blessing...

For those seeing that we don't have new things, but maybe missing how much we have....

Yes, we would add to our family again.  Our kids ROCK!!!!  They are amazing.  They are not perfect, then neither are we.  We pray God sees fit to equip us again, but that's up to Him.

It's all up to HIM...all of it.

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:27

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