Monday, August 27, 2012

One Week

A week from today we check into the hospital for Jael's amputation surgery.  It feels like time should stand still, but someone hit the clock on steroids button. 

Sarah had class today, not to confuse those with summer brain (like me year around), but we have a teaching co-op once a week even though we home school. 

Side note: summer brain: noun: brain is unable to process the simplest tasks and wishes to be enjoying the waves at the beach.

Next we hit Wal-Mart, where Sarah stayed in the car with the littles and middles so we don't expose them to whatever gross yuck is out there before surgery (ya, I know I have a big vocabulary...summer brain).  I needed to pick up a couple quick completely unnecessary "have to get everything done I've put off for the last year" things. 

Ya, I'm not always the brightest crayon in the box.  I'm probably a dark gray maybe?

Finally I swung by Lowe's to pick up some touch up paint.  You would really think someone gnaws on my walls.

At home I put together my new school supply hanger. 

Ya, it's cool.  Sadly, I find pride that nothing in it was over a dollar and most not over $.50...some a penny.  Take that economy!  (Sadly, I am now fencing and pretending to stick an invisible enemy with my invisible, I'm not picturing a pirate outfit....stop judging me).

Currently it's 4:15pm and I'm just plain tired and Jael asked me if she could see the "new feet" pictures.  She likes to look at the pictures that I've collected off the internet that show what it's like immediately after surgery AND littles and bigs walking and running with prosthesis. 

Ignore the smear of black paint.  I don't have a clue (shrug...).

Tom just walked in playing the guitar and Jael's started singing.  I know that was random, but it was sweet.

Gonna go run and enjoy the fact that all eight of our blessings chose to hang out in the room together... and show Jael some pictures.

Thank you for your prayers friends.

 One week....

"Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me..."Psalm 66:16

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  1. Allowing us into your most transparent and vulnerable moments is such a remarkable expression of the selfless and genuine woman that you are. Offering yourself for the possibility of encouraging and comforting others in all kinds of difficulty.., you invite us to sit right down on the bleachers with you.., offering all who will join you front row seats for the Glory of God! I love you!


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