Friday, August 24, 2012

One Week from Today

One week from today we will be at the hospital for our pre-op appointment.  One week from today we will be assigned a room (though we will not check in until Monday night).

The time seems to be passing so quickly until Jael's surgery (see HERE and HERE to read about her surgery).

Thankfully my wonky emotional barometer seems to be back in sync again though.  Admittedly, I haven't been alone and playing Toby on the stereo (mentally just broke into song), but the strength I feel from God right now...amazing.

God's Direction and Might in this situation has been obvious....from the time we realized Jael was our daughter until now.

Our Heavenly Father is so much bigger than any trial we face.

Each and every child is such a blessing.  The trials are worth it.

Somehow, in this world seeking perfection, riches, and glory, we forget the lessons we learn from the most innocent.





I have been told in the past, when meeting my sweet daughter who will be running soon, "I could never do that."

Could not accept a blessing from God? Could not receive the joy that is our daughter??  Could they not bare to see a child stand for the first time???

These are things our daughter has brought and will bring.  We have not been imbued with super powers.  God has given us, as He can anyone if it is His Will, the ability to see through what the world may sadly see to HIS amazing blessing.  You may have read before about my thoughts on I CAN'T.  We cannot limit God. When we limit God we limit blessings.  We limit growth.

Right now my heart aches for the forgotten, the orphan, and lately the special needs orphan.  The little one that will need care for the rest of their life, yet teaches love and compassion like no other.  The little one who at SEVEN, you find yourselves cheering their first step.  The little one who may not ever have a first step. 

Have you seen the latest post concerning eleven year old Amelia, newly home from Bulgaria?  Take a look when you get a chance.

"Amelia before, Amelia after"

She is a cherished child of God in a place that did not see her value.  At eleven years old she gets to sink into the love of family.

Our precious Jael is not something we get to "handle".  She is a child we are blessed by...the world is blessed by.  The surgery may be a tad daunting...a little scary, but this little girl is worth every single fear or challenge her special need may bring.

I will cherish this week, even with the butterflies or nervousness...even if my emotional barometer gets out of whack again.  I will cherish this week, because I know WE get to parent Jael...and that makes it ALL worth it!!!!

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