Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jael's Inspiration, Oscar Pistorius

I have had friend after friend share with me how Jael sifted through their thoughts as they watched Oscar Pistorius run in the Olympics.

One of my friends, Sonya, shared this article that showed me just how much Jael and Oscar have in common.  Tears came to my eyes. 

I read this article and found that Oscar was born without a bone in the lower part of his legs.  His legs were amputated as a baby.  Jael is missing those exact same bones.  She has the same, it seems, congenital leg deformity that Oscar Pistorius had. 

How like God to introduce us (the world) to a man that we will always treasure and not only will inspire millions, but my daughter. 

If you missed the race, please take the time to watch strength in action.  Seriously cool....

Oscar Pistorius Olympic Race

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  1. Wow that's some run. I also like his encouragement to little Ellie May.
    Do a YouTube search for "Ellie May and her new legs"


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