Thursday, August 16, 2012

Immediate Prayer~Life or Death Situation

I read about this last night and it weighed so heavy on me I couldn't even write.

I don't know this family, but I love them with God's love.  I love their hearts...their children...

I feel physically ill.

A mistake was made....not even a mistake...a horrible life event that could've happened to anyone.

While in New York (I believe) for doctor appointments (as I read today) two newly home (end of last year) babes were in a stroller with daddy. On a level surface he let go to check the time. The stroller rolled into the Erie Canal.

Oh Lord!!! (my soul crying)

Only our Lord understands.

 One child will be ok (Sam), the other (Selah) they are saying will not live.

God is bigger than doctors. Can you pray with me...plead...petition...beg our Heavenly Father.

To follow their blog and possible updates, please click on the link below. If I receive updates from another source, I will post.

"What it Means to Love"

Update is now on blog: Selah's heart rate is up and she is breathing less on her own.  This is not good and they do not expect her to live.  Please storm Heaven with us....

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