Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm Melting! I'm Melting!

Though the title could be talking about the 100 degree heat, it's not. 

*Before I start I need to make something very clear.  I'm really not crafty.  I look at some of the talent out there and think markers are about the level of my artistic ability.  Tiger stripes on the face (don't ask) is the ultimate in creativity (or saran wrapping a friends car...again, don't ask). 

I found a project on Pinterest that was, well...my speed.  Ya, I really don't do Pinterest either (hanging my head in shame).  I forget I have an account most of the time. 

This was easy and cheap though...my level.

10 packs of $.25 crayons from Wal-Mart (great sale on generic crayons right now)
2 packs of flat painting canvas from Wal-Mart ($3.45 a pack of three)
1 pack of super glue (a couple of bucks)
1 hair dryer
1 trash bag
1 medium cardboard box

Maybe $14 for a messy, waxy, fun time for the kids.

We weren't going to do the project today, but the colors were so pretty.  We actually started just to see if it works and couldn't stop. 

Most of the pictures we found on the Internet had the crayons wrappers on, but we decided we love the solid purer colors. 

On the other hand, we unwrapped 150 CRAYONS...maybe the purer colors aren't such a good idea (wink).

After stripping the crayons, we super glued them to the top of the canvases.  Each child (and maybe the cat) chose the colors they wanted to use.

We then put a trash bag underneath the canvas and tilted it against the wall.  We aimed the gun/hair dryer at the offending crayons (remember, 150 WRAPPERS).  Ummm...and got nice juicy crayon wax everywhere.  SOOOO...we incorporated the box.

 I'm sure it wouldn't have been quite so messy if the kids didn't like putting the hair dryer on high.

We had all changed into scroungy clothes with our lovely messy hair.  Seriously cute kids....

Obviously, this was a very difficult and intricate project....NOT. Even a two year old could do it...literally. 

Here's the rest of the kid crayon murdering. (crayon murder= crurderer...ya, we're easily entertained)

I don't normally put "kids in pull ups" pics on here...but seriously, Rach is SO cute!!!

So, my non crafty self thinks that my kids smiles are worth taking papers off WAY too many crayons. 

Seriously...if I can do this, ANYONE can...A-N-Y-O-N-E.

*After they were done, we super glued off white ribbons to the back and hung them on inexpensive little metal hooks. 

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  1. Turned out GREAT!! Artists are waaaaaay cute too!


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