Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bathtub Thoughts on Surgery (and Update)

As I climbed into a bath last night, filled with bubbles (Plumeria-bought in 64oz size at Wal-Mart...I'm upscale like that...lol) my mind just wouldn't stop. Making a dragon out of bubbles didn't even help (don't judge me).

It's that way a lot lately.

Truthfully, just this week, I don't seem to be able to shut my mind (and sometimes stress) off. I'm not worried so much as trying to plan...

*Everything that we may need for four to six weeks.
*Some things that need to be fit in before surgery.
*Everything that we may need during and after Jael's surgery.

The date of the surgery just changed to September 4th (btw).

The situation is complicated a little with throwing in Gabe's circumcision and his inability to do our mini indoor trampoline or sit and spin (also the other littles since we took it out of the main area). In 100 degree heat, these indoor energy grabbers are necessary.

In other words...THE TRIPLETS ARE BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS and I'm having to get very creative!

To show you how things were progressing in my mind during my relaxing bubble bath, I thought I'd allow you a peak into my thoughts...be very scared.

No paragraphs...that's how I roll.

Enjoy...bwahahahahahaha (evil laugh)....

I need to get the back sliding door replaced before surgery because it's broke. I can't really afford to have it installed, though we can afford the door itself..kinda. Should I just go down and suck it up and know God will replace the money, because He has been SO with us. Money...sigh....we have what we need for now, but there is so much coming up this year...Sarah turning 16 and Tom turning 18, Tom's senior year (senior trip, etc.) and graduation. Jael's surgery is paid for, but the gas daily (45 min. both ways x 2 since we have a week we have to check in later), having to eat out more for a couple of days at least, my food at the hospital...and who knows what else. I know it doesn't help dwelling on this, God's got this and money is always there when we need it. Oh, I need to shop for Gabe, Rachel, and Max's birthday since they're having it together. We need to have it a week from Friday (before surgery). We'll keep it simple...cake, ice cream, small decorations...invite family (including Amber, Bryan, and fam). Oh, I need to buy a few decorations. I'm so thankful Max decided to have his birthday with the twins...it'll be easier all at once. Sarah's birthday is right after Jael's surgery. I wonder what she'll decide what to do. Will she choose the little bigger present or a party? Oh ya, she said a party. We can keep it simple though. She's so good about realizing expense, while still enjoying herself. I have a little bit of time before Toms, so that's one I can not worry about right now. But I wonder if it will land when we return to the hospital for a week. STOP! There is no reason to think about something I can't plan for right now. I do need to get home school all lined up though. I need to be working with Bekah and her phonics so when next year starts she still remembers what she needs to. Oh, I need to pay for registration at the new teaching co-op. They're so nice to work with us knowing Amber will be watching our kids at first and I can't volunteer since I'll be home with Jael. I need to remember to pay it. I hope the kids find joy there...especially Tom (it being his senior year and all). I need to find his Business Math class online...Oh! and Sarah's Science! I hope the Abeka books I ordered will get here soon. I need to set up at least a general schedule. I won't do home school until Jael's been home around a week...unless it will keep her distracted. I'm so thankful _____ decided that since they were giving me a Nook for my birthday in around four months, that they would give it to me early so Jael could use it for games and books after surgery. Would they really have spent that much money on me...are they just being super kind? (Teary eyes) People have been so good. I need make sure I download some things she may like. Three weeks of being down? Oh man, my active little girl will be stir crazy. I need to remember to bring my computer to the hospital so Jael can watch some Sesame Street. I can't bring all the DVD's since Thomas could use them for the twins if work has to call him and he needs a few moments of silence. I'm so thankful for his good work ethic. I wish the stress at work wasn't so great. I guess it is for most now with the economy the way it is...oh, elections are coming up...will the American people stand up? STOP! Elections will just make you nauseous. I'm glad Sarah is taking Government and Elections this year. Perfect, Oh...I need to get some new school supplies. I guess I should get extra food too...shop for longer in one trip. I'm so thankful that we have two fridges! Isn't God good that he knew how much easier that would make it?! Donna and her fam are so sweet for thinking of us when getting a new fridge...man, their old one is NICE! I can fill the freezers up with freshly cooked meals for when we get back from the hospital. I really need to plot out the receipes I want to use. What ones did they like again? Will we have enough to buy a couple extra weeks of grocer...stop! Stop being concerned about where we are not yet! Today, huh, I've mailed the follow up report for Bekah and mailed the stuff I needed to to Wasatch...I wish _________(agency) would get back to us with the address for the twins report. Oh, I need to call Dawn (social worker) who would like to hear about Jael's surgery details and how we're doing. I can't stop thinking about Sasha. He's such a precious gift. Why won't anyone see that?!!! My heart is hurting. The thought of my babies being alone (Argg!). Man, the six oldest have been given sugar pills today. They are SOOO hyper. What am I going to make for dinner? I REALLY don't feel like cooking. I need to write Adrianne and Bobbi back. They are so sweet. I have such beautiful friends. I so don't deserve friends like this. I hope this change of dates doesn't mess things up for everyone. Will Thomas (hubby) and Steve's (my bro) bosses give them a hard time? I hope they realize that we have very little choice if they change our surgery date. Since we don't pay for the surgery or prosthesis, we just don't. Oh no, I can't do the Mud Run. It'll probably take place during when we are back in the hospital for intensive therapy teaching Jael to walk with prosthesis. Seriously?! I have to find another goal for getting in shape. Steve is being so diligent, I wish some of that would rub off on me. I really don't enjoy looking in the mirror right now, though maybe I should worry if I did (giggle). I wonder how Michelle is doing. I miss her. How is Bryan's thumb? Man, that does worry me. Infection worries me. Oh man, Jael told Rach she doesn't like her today. That's a phrase I haven't heard in our house before...shoot. I'm sleepy...

That's is a peek into about five minutes of my thoughts...

It wasn't the most relaxing bath....lol.


  1. LOL! I can totally relate to that. My mind never stops, except when I'm sleeping. And I don't sleep well unless I take Melatonin, so if it weren't for that, my mind would be going like that at night too. My oldest just turned 18, graduated from homeschool, took the GED (her choice), graduated from the special program that prepared her for the GED (which she didn't really need because she was already prepared, but she liked going anyway because it gave her confidence and some sort-of-like-college experience at the community college), and we're having a party for her later this month. SEE! I can do it too. Hahahaha!

    Still praying for all of you and thinking of precious little Jael! By the way, did you watch any of the Olympics? There was a double amputee who qualified to race in track & field. AWESOME! If you haven't heard about that, you should totally find out more about it and show Jael. I mean how cool is it that a double amputee competed in the OLYMPICS!?!?

    Love and Hugs,

  2. I just laughed so hard Cara! That's awesome! My mind needs an off switch.

    It's so funny that you mentioned Oscar Pistorius at the Olympics! I just posted about him today. He had the same congenital leg deformity as Jael...so wild.

    Hugs and MANY thanks for prayers!!!

  3. Oh Girl!

    This cracks me up--only because I can relate. I'm impressed that you actually used punctuation as I think my thoughts not only don't have paragraphs but also don't do punctuation or capitalization, chuckle.

    You seriously have a TON going on! I would say I'm glad I'm not the only one, only it's a stressful feeling and I'd none of us had it.


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