Thursday, August 2, 2012

All Done!

How cute can a child get?  Do you wonder why we used to call him "Lil' Romeo"?
We had just checked in and he was posing (smile).

Curled up on me, the initial meds taking hold. He kept me laughing. 
 He was cracking up at the funniest things, though it doesn't look like it here.

Just before they took him back. Letting them take him was not fun.

They put me in a "Consultation Room" alone. 
Great time to pray and read....

Little man finally was home...seriously relieved.
God took care of our sweet boy. 
We continue to appreciate all prayers for complete healing.

Think the cat was on sympathy drugs.


  1. Thank you Lord for your abiding love.

  2. So glad all is going well and will pray for quick healing. It's so hard to see our kiddos hurting, even when we know it's best for their future. Covering your family in prayer, dear Kat!

  3. I'm so glad it's over. Praying that he recovers quickly and with as little pain as possible. He is such a precious little man!

  4. Poor sweetie....praying he is better soon.

  5. Praying he is much better and running around soon.


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