Saturday, July 14, 2012

Why Hearts are Broken

(Update: July 14th, 2016) 
Today, four years ago I wrote this post.  At that time I didn't know a little boy we were advocating for was our son.  I didn't know "Sasha" (who we would name Jonathan Sasha Thomas) was our little boy.  We also didn't know that Julia's post was what our truth would be five weeks before we brought him home.  Our Jonathan passed away.  This is why we our hearts break.  We don't want to lose another of our children. 

Several of these children have made it home.  Ben was at this same institution, we just didn't know.  

Three children have died the few weeks in similar places.  We cannot unknow when our eyes have been opened.

July 14th, 2012

God is so obviously moving in this world.  He is breaking hearts....shattering them where they should be shattered.  This post on "Micah 6:8" again broke my heart.  You'll see our sweet Sasha on it.  He holds our hearts as we plead for someone to listen.

"The Ache in My Heart"

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