Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Like Christmas Morning!!! Blog Makeover!!! It's HERE!!!!

Laying in bed, eyes wide awake...my parents told me I couldn't set my feet on the floor until 6am. The anticipation almost did me in on Christmas morning.

I've felt that way this week. It's Christmas morning all over again!!!

For YEARS I've shrugged my shoulders at the look of my blog, unable to get the look to where I wanted it.

Yet after years of shrugging my shoulders, I can't stop coming back and looking at our family blog! I peek at it in wonder, like that beautifully wrapped present under the tree!!!

There are others who I KNOW feel the same way.  This talented friend has also done the blog design at "A Place Called Simplicity".

Somehow she got into my head, no joke, and pulled out what I really wanted without my even telling her.

Yes, you can applaud (smile)...she is THAT good.

Kim, the creator of this lovely source of joy for me, has been a bloggy friend for quite awhile. She's encouraged, discussed, and just been an all around awesome person to know. You can check out her family and virtually (wink) pinch the sweet cheeks of her little one by going to "Engendo".

Kim is a fellow adoptive mommy and recently brought home the CUTEST little guy from Uganda. He has the most adorable little smile that could turn even the hardest of heart to BUTTER?!!!

Now what I didn't realize until recently, is that she also was a website designer.  Not just any website designer, but someone who could read minds (ok, not really, but it felt like it at times).  You can check out her business at   "Foo Web Development"  and if you're looking for a blog redesign, the difference in this blog speaks for itself!

Kim, I can't begin to thank you for making this blog my little happy place.  Now if we could just sit down for a cup of coffee for real!

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Join the momentum...it is a beautiful place to be. It's not always easy, but then the best things never are.

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