Saturday, July 21, 2012

Celebrating with Friends!

This last week has been FILLED with celebration!!!

Two precious families are doing a happy dance. We just may be doing the Cabbage Patch here (no pictures please). Happy sigh....

My friend Eliz and her family, and yes I am blessed to call her a friend, passed court in Eastern Europe for their THREE beautiful sons!!! They brought home two blessings not even a year ago. I interviewed her here regarding their "oh so cool" family. We need to cover them in prayer. They are still not fully funded, so if you wish to give just click on the link below!!!!

Then, low and behold, on my Facebook this morning, my friend Renae (she's one special lady, btw) received her referral of an little cutie patootie.  They may be traveling in as little as three weeks and are still not fully funded.  If you wish to help, click on the link to their blog below!


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