Monday, June 18, 2012

Written by Katie's Dad~HIS Adoption Journey

Here are some words from Katie's dad about adoption.

We can not always see the struggles that our husbands (often the providers of the family) face.

When I read notes from Fathers about adoption, my ears instantly perk up. Our husbands need to gather together too, gleaning and learning from each others thoughts, guidance, lives and struggles.  Please share with me when you see other's posts.  They are so vitally important to the men in our lives.

I think I will now be considered a collector. I'm going to create a new label (From a Man's Perspective~Adoption and Orphan Care) for every time I find a husband, father, man's view on adoption.

I always read them and wish I'd saved this link. This way I can.

"A Father's Adoption Journey"

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