Saturday, June 23, 2012

Update on Facebook~Ghana Adoptive Family (Post 2)

"Here's an update on the situation in Ghana with the US adoptive family: Please pray RIGHT NOW, as I'm told the original officer who arrested the adoptive parents is being summoned back to the jail. He apparently has the authority to release Sol and Christine within 30 minutes. I'm told the children *might* be with them at the prison sight (which would be better than separated in an orphanage). I'm told our US Embassy in Ghana is on the case, but the government in Ghana is reluctant to act on the weekend. Please pray for immediate release of this family, for TRUTH to prevail, for JUSTICE!!!"

2nd Update (via different Renae)

"Renee Sasser Loux-
There is a POA that a FB friend of mine used while in Ghana who is a very ethical American woman. She is now with Chris and Sol. God has assembled an amazing supporting cast and things are slowly progressing in a positive direction. The children have been checked on and are okay, though not yet released. The family has asked for continued prayer, and feels that other than prayer, they will not need any more intervention. Praise God...It looks like this will end soon! Thank you Jesus for fighting on Chris and Sol's behalf! Let's keep praying until we see Christine, Sol and their 6 children back home!! Thank you"

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