Monday, June 25, 2012

No Update, Update-Prayer-Christine and Sol (Post 6) and an Update on Mckenzie (Post 3)

I wish I had more information on Christine and Sol. I have heard things, but can in no way verify. As you know, they have been released on bail (as well as their two bio children). We are waiting on information on their court hearing and ESPECIALLY on their four newest children who remain in an orphanage.

This is such a traumatic situation. The need God's Healing Hand right now and intense petitioning for their family to be whole again (with six blessings).

Please don't stop praying.

For those of you waiting on information on six week old baby Mckenzie. It is ALL good! The doctor said he heart transplant was EASY, NO complications. She is off the ventilator and breathing on her own. If things continue on this path, she may be ready to move to a regular room by Thursday and to come home in around two weeks. AWESOME!!! Please keep praying that there is NO sign of rejection of her heart (something they will have to watch for her entire life).

Prayerfully, I will have some links up later today which will enable us to help both families. They both could use financial aid from fellow Christians.

The expenses are mounting and with Mckenzie, she will be on 15-20 meds, three times a day for three months (going down to 8-10). Even with great insurance (that covered the ENTIRE MILLION DOLLAR SURGERY), it is an extra $1,500 a month.

That said, I will update and place links as soon as I have more info!

God is moving and it's AWESOME to watch! Have a blessed day!

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