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A New Holocaust~Why Would I Bring into My Family A Child That Needs So Much? I Could Never Do That.

Diversity: Every child instinctively knows what many adults have long since forgotten: Our differences are not something to be tolerated, but celebrated.

A can picture God's Hands holding a precious baby, breathing life into a precious being. He molds, just a little bit more, His creation. 

In my minds eye, at the edge of my sight, I can almost envision Him whispering, "You will not be viewed as others.  Most of the world will not see your value.  You will be a teacher of compassion and of childlike innocence."


I remember the antiseptic clean of the hospital as we visited my friend's brother.  I was only around 14, but looking back I believe he had Hydrocephalus.  It was  a time when very little was able to be done.  To this day I remember the look of tenderness and compassion in my friend's eyes as she looked at her brother.  It was more than I had EVER seen before.  There was a love there beyond my comprehension.  I was there to support her....but was learning something in the process.  The value that this young man brought to the world, though he couldn't speak, did not move much, and whose medical needs were so great he had to live in a specialized hospital of the day. 

He brought compassion into the beyond ourselves.

Would his family have had a soupcon as much of compassion if J wasn't born?


Hiding away in institutions and orphanages around the world are teachers of compassion.  They are not lecturers, or scholars, sometimes they may not talk or walk. 

There are no parental requirements that God laid out at the creation of the world.

Parents Wanted:
*Special medical training before child is placed. 
*Physical strength
*You must understand disorder/disease.
*150hrs of class time
*Extreme patience

These things may be wonderful, but God does not normally prepare us this way when He grants us children. 

Again, THEY are teachers, just as much as we parents are.

By blessing us this way, God teaches us these things.

I think one of the only real requirements would be...
*You must leave behind your preconceived notion of "I could never do that."

Children are born everyday.  Their parents did not choose a "special need", but God knew they could "handle it" and would grow in ways that the world wouldn't...couldn't understand.  They were blessed, when the world would scream otherwise.

They were blessed with a teacher of compassion.


While beating back crowds at a Tim Hawkins event, trying to get a CD to commemorate my husband's 41st birthday, I spotted these little eyes looking over a man shoulder.  These chubby cheeks then peeked over a proud daddy's body.  This little guy had Down Syndrome.  He was precious, full of life, and obviously a little character.  His parents viewed him as parents should...a blessing.


The world is full of people that are different.  Some are different inside, and some out.  A parent may reject a child with an obvious difference (that the world views as a "flaw"), when inside their "flaw" is a lot more dangerous.  It's hidden.  Their "flaw" may be a lot more eternal...hurting others in a way that the child viewed as different will never do. 

Some may choose a spouse with detrimental flaws, while killing a child with external ones that will teach us nothing but love.

This world would be very boring if we were all created the same.  There is joy in the differences.

It's time this world sees the children who scream inside their own prisons. It's time the warriors invade the spaces of the "father of lies".  The institutions where he abounds readily. 

It's, finally, time to call up every ounce of strength and call on the power of our God.

He can break down the walls.  He can open up eyes.  He can shatter satan's resistance.

"Dear God, Please bring these children home.  Please open up eyes and tear veils over hearts.  Help the world to see these children, to welcome them, and to love me to see them with YOUR eyes."

I won't say "amen" as I pray this prayer, because it's not complete.  It's a petition that is never ending.... at least until every child is brought home. 


Please remember Nicky (picture at the side of this blog) who faces an institution next year. This 3 1/2 year old needs a family NOW!!! You can also find other children in desperate need of homes on and click on "Waiting Children".

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  1. Wow! Kat that is a GREAT post!! Love it!! And so true- my first baby had colic so bad that even the pediatrician said "She cries too much!" I had no training, no manual, nothing! But I had God! And he created her, shared her with me without requiring me to get an ounce of education! Just lean on Him!
    I continue using Him as my parenting expert!

  2. No words. Praying with the Spirit's help.


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