Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A New Holocaust~Two Beautiful Boys~The Children (Post 4)

This family is precious.  Truly blessed...

Their hearts are for the orphans.  Their path to these two little boys with Down Syndrome in Eastern Europe was one that no one expected. 

Both of these blessings are six years old...their size upon adopting was just the size of a mere 12-18 month old. 

Side Note: Often, little ones such as these are drugged to keep them from being "any trouble".  In one story I read, anti psychotic drugs (for adults) were used. Damage was actually done to a little ones body.

The journey...

This was their second trip to bring home these adorable boys.  I chose these posts because they hit my heart hard.

All Are Precious In His Sight~First Visit In 23 Days

All Are Precious In His Sight~Livid

This is now...
How cute can they get???
All Are Precious In His Sight~Family

If you wish to read the first post of the series, you can click link below OR go to "Kat"agories and click on "A New Holocaust~The World's Orphans" to view all posts of this series.
A New Holocaust~The World's Orphan

Please remember Nicky (picture at the side of this blog) who faces an institution next year. This cutie needs a family NOW!!!

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