Monday, June 4, 2012

A New Holocaust~God's Redemtion for a Little Girl~The Children (Post 3)

I had heard stories. Most people had...but could this happen in the modern world.

I've called this series "A New Holocaust" for a reason.

Sweet Carrington is such a beautiful gift of God. She has blessed her family in amazing ways. I must say, through her harrowing journey and God's redemptive power, she has blessed the WORLD in amazing ways.

On March 18, 2011 Carrington was 3 years old and only 11 lbs.  That was the beginning.
Carringtons's Corral~Urgent, Please Pray for Carrington!

This is now (huge smile).
Carrington's Corral~One Year Ago

*If you would like to read the original post, click the link below.
A New Holocaust~The World's Orphans

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